How do I deliver my property?


  • At the end of the last month's rent, the house is completely cleared, undamaged and clean;

  • Applied stickers, mirrors, etc. have been removed and damages have been repaired;

  • Storage room, balcony, crawl space, shed, garage, car park (if applicable) are left empty, broom clean and undamaged.

  • Damage caused by the removal of changes you have made must be repaired;

  • Items removed by you (walls, doors, washbasins, air vents, banisters, stair gates etc.) should be returned to their original state;

  • Roofs and gutters should be clean;

  • Waste containers are empty and clean (including any card).

Walls, ceilings and floors

  • Floors, walls and ceilings must always be flat and delivered in an opaque white colour (RAL 9010 or equivalent) without prints.

  • Nicotine deposits must first be thoroughly cleaned;

  • Nails, screws, etc. have been removed from walls, floors and ceilings; plugs have been removed and holes neatly sealed;

  • Floors: floor covering, floor tarpaulin, cork, tiles, parquet, laminate (including glue residue) should be removed;

  • Ceilings: scrapings, decorative plaster, textured paint and ornaments (including glue residue) should be removed and consequent damage repaired;

  • Walls: granol, stone strips, textured paint, spachtelputz and/or textured wallpaper must be removed. Undamaged flat wallpaper, without prints in a white colour (RAL 9010 or equivalent) is allowed;

  • Skirting boards and thresholds are undamaged and without paint residue.

Wall sockets

  • All switching material and wall sockets are present and functioning. They are undamaged and clean;

  • Self-installed loose cords and cables have been removed;

  • Place crown moulds on exposed electricity sockets.

Doors and frames

  • All doors are present and close properly. The doors are free of scratches and/or damage. Also, the doors have not been shortened;

  • All doors and window frames should be handed over in their original state;

  • Stickers and glue residue on doors, windows and fixed cupboards, etc. are removed;

  • Locks, handles and other hinges and locks function properly;

  • All keys of inside doors/windows are in the keyholes. All keys of outside doors (also duplicates) have to be handed in at the final inspection;

  • Windows are undamaged (no scratches, tears or cracks and no stickers/glue residue);

  • Holes in window frames have been repaired;

  • Sun blinds (also on the outside), curtain rails have been removed.


  • Any built-in appliances are undamaged, clean and grease-free and function properly;

  • The cooker hood is clean and free of grease;

  • The kitchen is without damage (check kitchen top, hinges of kitchen cabinets, damage to kitchen cabinets).

Toilet and bathroom

  • The sanitary equipment is undamaged, clean, lime-free, mould-free, unblocked and complete, including: washbasins, toilet bowls, mirrors, soap dishes, mixer taps, shower walls, etc.


  • Taps and other sanitary fittings such as shower fittings are present and functioning;

  • Clean drains from washbasin, sink, toilet, etc;

  • Clean, grease, soap residue and lime free.


  • The original number of m2 of paving to path and terrace is present, without potholes and neatly laid;

  • The garden is to be left in orderly condition. Present greenery (plants, shrubs and trees) is neatly pruned. High trees should have been removed;

  • All loose items have been removed;

  • Fences are complete and in good condition;

  • Ponds, trampolines and sandpits have been removed; the hole has been filled with clean soil.

Ventilation and central heating

  • Mechanical ventilation grilles and filters are clean, free of grease and functioning;

  • User instructions, filler hose, filler spanner and venting spanner left with central heating boiler;

  • Radiators and pipes should be delivered white and undamaged;

  • In connection with the risk of freezing in the months from October to March, it is requested that the central heating system be left on in the event of premature departure (thermostat at 15°C).

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