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Rental homes in Helmond which you can rent right away or which will become available in the not-too-distant future? Feel free to look around in the spacious rental offer of vb&t Verhuurmakelaars. From flats in the centre to houses in the Vinex district of Brandevoort. To be eligible for a house or flat in Helmond, you must meet our income requirements. Checkhere which income requirements apply to renting in the free sector.

Helmond is a nice medium-sized city near Eindhoven. With more than 95,000 inhabitants, it is one of the largest cities in south-east Brabant. The centre is a lively place with shops, restaurants and entertainment, such as a cinema and theatre. For every family situation, there is a suitable place to rent a flat.

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Our rental properties in Helmond are so-called free sector properties. To be able to claim one of these houses or flats you must meet the income requirements we set. These requirements apply to all residences rented out by vb&t Verhuurmakelaars. Do you want to know more about these requirements? Then quickly read all the information about theincome requirements.

Have you found a nice house or flat? Then you can respond directly and easily via our website. Depending on the number of responses, you will receive an invitation to view the property after you have responded.

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Renting in Helmond

Helmond is a medium-sized city in the province of Noord-Brabant. The city consists of four centres: the city of Helmond, Stiphout, Mierlo-Hout and Brouwhuis. The centres are located a stone's throw away from Eindhoven and are surrounded by fields, heath and woods. The city has thrown itself completely into the car industry. Helmond has its own High Tech Automotive Campus.


As a place to live, Helmond offers everything you need for a pleasant and comfortable life. The city is provided with all conveniences, such as shops, recreation and culture. Also in terms of care and education, there are many possibilities in Helmond. Would you like to escape the city for a while? No problem, Helmond is surrounded by a green environment where you can relax.

The advance of Eindhoven also has a positive influence on Helmond. Employment is rising and it is expected that the city will have more than 100,000 inhabitants by 2035. Despite the fact that Helmond is not located directly on a motorway, the city is easy to reach. From Eindhoven, you take the N270 and drive within 10 minutes into Helmond. By train, too, the accessibility is good. With no less than 4 train stations, you can easily get to any part of the city.

Rentals in Helmond

Helmond's diversity is also reflected in its mixed rental housing stock. In the centre, you will find the apartment complex De Callenburgh. This complex has all amenities in the immediate vicinity and even within walking distance. There are shops, entertainment venues, the theatre, a cinema and the renovated bus and train station.

Helmond is also the city par excellence for generous rental homes in child-friendly neighbourhoods. A beautiful and new neighbourhood is Liverdonk in Brandevoort. Situated close to the sports park and in the middle of a green environment. Or how about a complete, luxurious, finished home in Ruyschenberg (Esdoornhof)?

Would you rather live on ground level? Perhaps a flat in the Parc Valere complex is something for you. These luxuriously finished flats are within walking distance of the centre. In Brandevoort, too, there are various great flats, such as De Veste Block 15-15A-16. This part of Helmond has a special authentic atmosphere with its historic facades and winding streets. Want to live in a unique place? Then take a look at Kasteel Noord, no one will miss this beautiful complex with its imposing appearance and beautiful moat.

Renting a house in Helmond and surroundings through vb&t Verhuurmakelaars

The varied supply of rental homes in Helmond is large. There is something for everyone! From a flat in the bustling city centre to beautiful semi-detached houses in spacious neighbourhoods. You will find it at vb&t Verhuurmakelaars!

Would you rather live just outside Helmond? Then take a quick look at the rental properties around Helmond, for example in Beek en Donk and Deurne.

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