You do not have to deliver documents until a property has been assigned to you. You can upload the required documents in your customer file. To do this, press ‘My Dossier’ at the top right. Final allocation of a property takes place on the basis of a complete file with all documents. It is possible that a deposit is requested.

Click below on the situation that applies to you and / or your partner and see which documents we need:

  • Income statement UWV with employment history

    1. Login with DigiD

    2. Go to ‘Persoonlijke gegevens (Personal details)’

    3. Go to ‘Arbeidsverleden (Employment history)’ and click ‘controleren (verify)’

    4. Go to ‘Verzekeringsbericht (insurance notice)’ and choose the following information: Please note that this may not include a burgerservicenummer (bsn).

    • Arbeidsverleden (employment history)

    • Arbeidsverleden detailgegevens (eployment history details)

    • Loongegevens (payroll details)

    click ‘Download printversie (pdf) (download printversion)‘

  • recent certificate of employment if you don’t have employment history in the Netherlands

  • copy signed employment contract with (new) employer if you don’t have employment history in the Netherlands

  • 3x recent pay slip if you don’t have employment history in the Netherlands

  • most recent profit and loss statement and balance sheet

  • uittreksel KvK

Note that people who are self employed always have to pay a deposit which is 2 times the monthly rent.

  • recent slip of government pension and/or year statement

  • rent slip of pension and/of year statement

  • identity card / passport / EU residence permit

  • recent landlord’s statement if you are currently renting

  • recent statement from your bank or mortgage provider if you have an owner-occupied property

  • copy of the home purchase agreement in case you sold your house

  • annual statement of the mortgage in case you sold your house

  • acquire a copy of your population register/civil registry with your residence history from your local city hall

  • copy of your bankcard from the bankaccount you are going to use for the rental payments

General information for our (future) tenant:

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With a housing stock of 15,000 homes, vb&t Verhuurmakelaars is one of the largest rental specialists in the Netherlands. We have 55 years of experience in renting and managing homes.

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