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Rental flats in Arnhem can be found at vb&t Verhuurmakelaars! In Arnhem you will find a wide range of flats for rent. Because of the variety of flats for rent, every target group can find a suitable flat in Arnhem. The city is known for its cosiness and shopping streets. In addition, you are never far from a green environment. Would you like to qualify for your dream flat in Arnhem? Then first check whether you meet the income requirements that we apply.

Arnhem is situated in the province of Gelderland. Historically, Arnhem is an important city in the Netherlands. This is reflected in the architecture of many buildings in the city and the many museums and monuments. The fact that Arnhem has always been a popular location has everything to do with its central location in the country and the fact that it is near the border with Germany. From Arnhem you are quickly on the highway or in the train to the north, south or west or our eastern neighbours.

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If you want to be eligible for a rental home in the free sector through vb&t Verhuurmakelaars, you must meet our income requirements. This way we can help you find a suitable rental home. By registering you can immediately respond to the available residences in our rental portfolio. Depending on the number of responses to the houses, you will be invited for a viewing.

Is there not immediately a suitable residence for you? Then register with us without obligation and sign up for updates on our offer. You can indicate what your living wishes are. As soon as we find a suitable home for you, you will automatically receive an e-mail, so that you can respond immediately.


Rental properties in Arnhem

Arnhem is known for its pleasant atmosphere. The city centre is known for its nice restaurants and shops. As one of the largest shopping cities in the Netherlands, Arnhem has branches of large chain shops, but also small boutiques and specialty shops where shoppers can indulge themselves. For those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, Arnhem offers a number of beautiful lakes and parks where you can relax. In addition, the Rhine runs straight through the city, which provides some wonderful views from the Rijnkade. Arnhem is also a good place for nature and recreation outside the city. Arnhem is situated in the Betuwe nature reserve and to the north of the city you will find the beautiful Veluwe.


Living in the centre of Arnhem means that you have many facilities within walking distance. But Arnhem also has a number of charming other districts. In Arnhem-North you will find the lively Presikhaaf district, the Dutch Open Air Museum, Burgers Zoo and the HAN. Arnhem-Zuid has the residential boulevard, shopping centre Kronenburg and the GelreDome. Arnhem also has a wide variety of sports facilities. There are various sports associations, fitness clubs, a swimming pool and several sports parks and halls. Culturally the city has some nice sights like the historical cellars, the city theatre and also the Kröller-Müller museum on the Veluwe is not far away. When you rent a flat in Arnhem you will certainly not be bored!

Should you need to get out of Arnhem you are quickly on one of the highways which surround the city. The A12, A50 and A325 are easy to reach from all corners of Arnhem. Arnhem is also well developed in terms of public transport. With no fewer than 4 train stations and an extensive bus network, you can be in and out of the city in no time.

Renting a flat in Arnhem

Finding a flat in Arnhem means that you have a wide range to choose from. For example, you live in complex Nieuwstad in the Walstraat right in the centre, with central station around the corner. Just outside the centre is the Park Sonswijck complex, in a beautiful location on the edge of Sonsbeek Park. From here you can walk straight to the centre. Kluizeweg and Boschvelt are also located in the north of Arnhem. Here, you will enjoy lots of greenery and beautiful buildings in the neighbourhoods. Malburgen is located south of the Rhine. This district is relatively close to the city centre and is connected to the north of the city by two bridges.

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vb&t Verhuurmakelaars has various options for rental properties in Arnhem. Take a look at our offer to see whether there is something that meets your living requirements and register! Is Arnhem not the city where you would like to live, but does the region appeal to you? Then take a look at our rental properties in the surrounding areas of Nijmegen and Druten.

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