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Looking for a rental home in Den Bosch? In the rental offer of vb&t Verhuurmakelaars you will easily and quickly find a rental home that suits your living preferences. Den Bosch, the capital of Noord-Brabant, is one of the Netherlands' oldest cities and dates back to the Middle Ages. Therefore, there is no lack of Brabant cosiness here. The old city centre is still surrounded by the old city walls and you can shop in the beautiful old buildings around the market. Would you like to be considered for a flat in this cosy Brabant town? Then first check if you meet our income requirements for renting in the free sector!

Nowadays the city is often called Den Bosch, but officially the name is still 's-Hertogenbosch. This name comes originally from the French. From the same time come the famous city walls and the canals that surround the city. Nowadays, 's-Hertogenbosch is known for a lot of things, like the Bossche Bol, the Oeteldonk carnival, the cosy shopping streets and the burgundian cafés and restaurants. This means that there is always something to do. When you rent a house in Den Bosch, you will quickly discover why this city is the heart of Brabant!

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If you have registered with vb&t Verhuurmakelaars, you can immediately respond to the available rental housing in Den Bosch. Based on the number of responses to the house, we will invite you for a viewing. To help you find a suitable rental home, we have a number of income requirements that you must meet. Onthis page you will find more information about this.

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Renting in Den Bosch

Den Bosch is characterized by the Brabant atmosphere and is bursting with culture. Although Den Bosch is a real city, it feels cosy and small-scale for its inhabitants. Some of the highlights are the famous St Jans cathedral, the large market square in the middle of the city, the Binnendieze, cosy shopping streets and the nature in the Bossche Broek.


What makes Den Bosch a popular city among its inhabitants has everything to do with its versatility. From the lively city centre, you can be in the middle of nature in no time, on the Bossche Broek or in one of the many green parks that the city is rich in. For some relaxation in the field of art and culture, you can visit the Verkadefabriek, the Theater aan de Parade or the Noordbrabants Museum. Once a year, Den Bosch is transformed into Oeteldonk for a few days. During Carnival, the city is full of people wearing yellow-white-red scarves. Also for shopping, Den Bosch is the place to be. With a wide range of shops, there is something for everyone. The Brabant atmosphere is not only to be found in the centre. Also in the district behind the station, the Paleiskwartier, the municipality is working on recreational facilities in the form of catering, nature and entertainment. The fact that Den Bosch is also a real student city is evident from the student houses that are located around the centre. With the Avans, the HAS and the Koning Willem I College, Den Bosch may rightly call itself a student city.

Den Bosch is located very centrally in the country. With various highways leading to all directions in the country, Den Bosch is a quick getaway. The A59 takes you to the west or the east and the A2 or the A65 take you to the north or the south. Den Bosch is also easy to reach by public transport. There are two train stations and the extensive bus network takes you everywhere in the city and also to Tilburg and Eindhoven.

Renting a flat in Den Bosch

The range of flats in Den Bosch is very diverse. Based on your housing preferences, you can live in different parts of the city. Do you like living close to the city centre and its facilities? Then living in the Arena or maybe something for you. Above the Arena shopping centre is a residential complex where you are very centrally located with regard to the attractive city centre. On the other side of the central station, you will find the Paleiskwartier district. A modern district with many new buildings and offices. Here you will find a number of apartment complexes such as Mijn Paleis and Belvédère. These apartment complexes exude luxury and comfort and are modern in design. Moreover, you are close to the central station with the city centre on the other side. Do you prefer to live further away from the centre? Then complex Bloom in Maaspoort, north of the centre, might be the ideal place for you. In Maaspoort, you will find extensive green areas and you are not far from various exit roads. To the south of the city centre, you will find Willemspoort, a beautiful new-build residential complex. Willemspoort is located in the Boschveld district, exactly between the Jeroen Bosch Hospital and the Koning Willem I College. This is the ideal location relative to the centre, roads and the station.

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vb&t Verhuurmakelaars has a diverse range of rental properties in Den Bosch. Take a look at our offer to see if there is something for you and register! Are you currently unable to find a rental property in Den Bosch? Then take a look at our rental properties in Boxtel, Heesch, Zaltbommel or Waalwijk.

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