Frequently asked questions

Completion of house

No, this is unfortunately not possible. As soon as you have given notice to terminate the tenancy, we will schedule a preliminary and final inspection. During the preliminary inspection the home inspector will indicate what you still need to change before you leave the house. This will be checked during the final inspection.

Click here if you would like to know in advance what you need to take into account for a correct delivery of the house.

When you move out, you must return the house to us empty, clean and without damage. A vb&t home inspector will therefore visit your house twice to inspect it with you.

During the first inspection you and one of our inspectors will walk through the house. The inspector will look at whether there are any matters that you need to remove and/or repair before the end of the rental period. This inspection takes between 45 minutes and an hour. The inspector will make a report of the inspection, of which you will receive a copy.

Final inspection
At the second inspection our employee checks the house again. Is the house empty and clean? Have the repairs and adjustments been made? If the house is still not in order, we will still arrange this, unfortunately at your expense. After the final inspection we will also ask for the keys to the residence to be returned.

Yes, you can. You must then give this substitute an authorisation form. Do not forget to put your name, the observer's name, the date and the signatures of both of you in the authorisation.

The caretaker will give the authorisation to the inspector during the inspection. He or she must also show proof of identity (ID/passport/residence permit).

Yes, a pre-inspection is always necessary when giving notice to let. The inspector goes through the house with you and tells you what still needs to be done, before the final inspection takes place. We also do this to prevent unpleasant situations during the final inspection. You cannot cancel the preliminary inspection.

You can postpone this first inspection in special cases. Please contact your home inspector about this.

Final inspection
Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the appointment for the final inspection. You can, however, have someone else take over the appointment. You will need to give this person an authorisation form. Do not forget to put your name, the name of the substitute, the date and the signatures of both of you on the authorisation form. The observer gives the authorisation to the inspector. He or she must also provide identification (ID/driving licence).

Structural walls (e.g. decorative plaster) must be delivered smooth and ready for wallpapering (holes must be sealed) OR painted in an opaque white colour. This also applies to the ceilings.

At the end of the last month's rent, the house must be left completely cleared, undamaged and clean.
For specific information click here.

When a dwelling is not subsequently let, it must be vacated. In exceptional cases, some floors may be left behind, but this will always be assessed by the home inspector.

If we find a tenant before you leave the property and this new tenant wants to take over your floor, then of course you can leave the floor behind.

Carpeting is considered unhygienic and must be removed including glue residue when vacant, this also applies to half-moons on the steps.

The wheelie bins must be left empty and cleaned for the hygiene of new tenants and for possible vermin.

Shrubs and trees should be neatly trimmed, the grass mowed and weeds removed.

Yes, when your new home is delivered to you, you will need to identify yourself with your passport/ID/residence permit.
A driving licence is not allowed.

During the delivery vb&t Verhuurmakelaars use the app 'CheckedID' to check your proof of identity.

  • Vb&t Verhuurmakelaars is the data controller and has a legitimate interest in knowing the identity of tenants. JanusID has been engaged as processor to support this process quickly, reliably and in accordance with the AVG and other laws and regulations for them.

  • Vb&t Verhuurmakelaars is not admitted to the parties who are allowed to process the BSN. Therefore, it will not be provided to them as a result of a CheckedID transaction. On the image of a passport, the part where the BSN is mentioned is "taped off" and with an ID card only the front is provided. The BSN itself, as a number, is not provided to them either.

  • The CheckedID process is completely closed and secured, so that no infringement of the data is possible. After completion of the process on the smartphone, all data related to the verification is deleted. The data is sent via a secure connection to the person responsible, in this case vb&t. When the responsible party has completed the verification and processed it in its own administration, all personal data at CheckedID is deleted. This takes place after 7 days.

Bank guarantees and/or deposits (if applicable) shall be released as soon as it is established that there are no overdue rental payments and no consequential damage has occurred to the rented property. In that case, any bank guarantee or deposit provided will be automatically released or refunded within one month of the end of the rental period.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that you should sign out from your energy supplier (gas/water/electricity). During the final inspection, the home inspector will take the meter readings and include them in the inspection report. You must pass on the meter readings to the relevant energy suppliers yourself. The costs resulting from not reporting in time are entirely at your own expense.

The settlement of the service and/or heating costs (if applicable) will take place after the end of the calendar year in which you left the rented property. The settlement of the service and/or heating costs will be sent to the new address provided to us before 1 July of the new calendar year.


Only when a residence is assigned to you by vb&t Verhuurmakelaars do you need to upload documents to your customer dossier.

Click here for an overview of the documents we need if you want to rent from us.

To be eligible for a residence, once a residence has been allocated to you, we will ask you to upload data to your personal online dossier (My Dossier). To make it easier for you, we will only ask for the documents that apply to your situation in your personal dossier. We recommend that you first prepare all documents on your computer as separate files.

An important tip concerning your privacy: remove your BSN number from all documents (payslips, annual statements, tax returns, etc.).

We only request documents that apply to your work, income and living situation. You can only upload PDF, PNG and JPG files, with a maximum size of 32 MB. Make sure you upload clear and readable files. If a document consists of several pages, please combine them into one PDF file.

Are you renting with your partner? Then upload the documents of your co-tenant in the appropriate document list.

If you have any questions about the privacy of your data, please read the privacy statement on our website carefully.

In order to check whether you meet the income requirement, we need your personal and financial details. These documents will be used by the rental team to carry out a credit check. A fixed, regular income and a good payment history are important. Our check follows the guidelines of NIBUD.

If your documents have not yet been reviewed by one of our employees, it is possible to remove them again. Once your documents have been reviewed and accepted this is no longer possible.

  • Tenant; your documents will be kept by us for another 9 months for the file and then they will be destroyed by the system.

  • Other; if you are inactive for 6 months, i.e. you do not use your login anymore, you will be AUTOMATICALLY removed from our database, you will always receive an e-mail first.

Personal data is carefully processed and secured by us. Would you like to know more? Then read our privacy statement on this website.


We are prepared to arrange viewings via Skype/Whatsapp video etc. This can be arranged with the relevant rental agent and/or the current tenant.

However, we find it necessary that the house has been visited at least once before you sign the lease. This is to prevent uncertainty about the state of the house upon delivery. If this is not possible, we request that you consult with the rental officer.

During your contacts with vb&t, situations may arise about which you are dissatisfied. vb&t would like to discuss these situations together and look for a solution. We think your opinion about our services is important, so if you have a complaint we would like to take the opportunity to make you a satisfied customer (again)! Your complaint gives us a chance to do better next time. So please contact us.

T: 040 - 269 69 19

If pets are not allowed in the property, this will be stated in the advertisement. In most cases, however, it is allowed to own a small pet, provided it does not cause a nuisance.

In some cases, this is possible.
If you know someone who would like to take over your rental property, you can introduce this person/these persons to us. If possible, we will give priority to this candidate-tenant. Vb&t and/or the owner can always give another candidate-tenant first preference for renting the residence for compelling reasons.

The rental department will assess whether this candidate could be eligible for the residence.
This candidate must meet the income requirements that are set for all candidate tenants.

The rent of the house will always be adjusted to a market price, so it may be that the candidate gets a different rent than you as a tenant currently pay.

If you have already sent the notice, you can contact the rental department.
They can then see what they can still do for this candidate.

You do not have to pay any registration fee and there are no mediation costs.

At vb&t Rental Brokers we work hard to treat everyone equally. We might have to differentiate on financial circumstances and age (senior housing, for example), we will never disadvantage customers because of their identity. We believe everyone has the right to housing, regardless of ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender or health status.

Our customers are matched to properties by an automatic system. This prevents our staff from discriminating in the rental process. We also do not cooperate with the request to discriminate from any clients.


The MyQii app allows you to securely share your data with vb&t Verhuurmakelaars. Using this app, you can easily collect your personal and financial data from MijnOverheid, MijnBelastingdienst and MijnUWV. You have insight into which data is collected from the (government) sources. These are shared with vb&t after permission has been granted. You can stop the sharing at any time. Via MyQii, you retain control over your data.

You can do so via the Google Play Store (Android) or via the Apple App Store (Apple).

While creating an account, you need to log in with your DigiD or your bank account. You then authorise the app to retrieve data from these (government) sources.

Qii puts your privacy first. Your data will only be viewed by authorised MyQii staff at the time of your request. Those authorised to view your data cannot change or delete your data. Your data will be stored carefully for as long as you give your consent.

Check in the app if your share action is properly posted. Has the co-tenant not yet finished the process? Then your share action is not visible to us. Does this all seem to be correct? Then please contact MyQii.

In the MyQii app, you have a handy overview of all your "share actions". You can stop a share action by clicking on an active share action. When you scroll down, you will see the option "Stop share action". After clicking this option, we will no longer be able to see your data.

You simply delete your MyQii account by clicking on "Account" in the app and then on "Delete account".

When you delete your account, you also delete all your sharing actions. All your data will also be deleted. This data cannot be retrieved.

During the registration process at vb&t Verhuurmakelaars, you will be asked to create a MyQii account. In this article, we will explain to you step by step how to create an account.

If you need to share your data with vb&t Verhuurmakelaars and you are not registered in the Netherlands, unfortunately you cannot use the MyQii app. So in this case, we ask you to manually upload documents in your relationship file. Read which documents we need here.

Rental / Contract

Unfortunately, this is only possible if you have been working as an independent entrepreneur for at least one year. As an entrepreneur, you must be in possession of an annual account, a profit and loss account and a balance sheet for at least one year.

Have you been self-employed for at least one year? Then you must meet the requirement of a gross monthly income of four times the monthly rent. A standard security deposit of two times the monthly rent will be required.

For more information about our allocation criteria and working method, please visit

This is possible if it is permitted in the municipality where you will be renting.

Please note: At vb&t a maximum of two people can be on the rental contract. The income of the person who is not on the rental contract cannot be included in the calculation of the maximum rent.

We have a website especially for our tenants:

On this site you will find forms, contact details and other information.

The rent is increased annually on the 1th of July within the applicable statutory regulations.

You will be notified of this rent increase by letter 2 months in advance.

Whether you are eligible for rent allowance depends primarily on your income. The lower the income, the higher the premium amount. Other important factors that determine the level of the rent allowance are your age, the level of the rent and service costs and the composition of your household. If you are eligible for rent allowance, we can not count that amount as income.

For more information we refer you to the tax authorities,

You enter into a rental agreement for a minimum of 12 months. After this year, the contract can be terminated on a monthly basis. One full calendar month's notice will be taken into account.

Via vb&t you will be invited for the key transfer, which will take place around the starting date of the tenancy agreement. If the commencement date is not a working day, the key transfer will take place on the next possible working day. The keys may never be handed over by the former tenant to the new tenant without the intervention of vb&t.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to act as a guarantor or to rent for someone else. You can read more about this on our 'Allocation and procedure' page. Of course, any requested deposit may be paid by someone else.

The tenancy agreement stipulates which repair work is the responsibility of the tenant (Art. 11). Other matters are for the owner.

If all signatories have signed the agreement, everyone will receive an e-mail containing the rental agreement and general terms and conditions.
These are for your own administration. No paper copy will be issued.

A deposit is standard for some properties. In the case of residences where this is not the case, a deposit will be requested if:

  • you do not meet the income requirements as set by us;

  • you do meet the income requirements, but by adding your own assets;

  • you obtain your income (partly) from your (own) assets;

  • you are working as a self-employed person, whether or not without staff;

  • you are in the probationary period of an employment contract;

  • you have an employment contract for a definite period;

  • you come from abroad and a credit check is not possible.

The first (one and a half) month's rent and any security deposit must be paid before the keys are handed over.

With effect from 1 January 2022, a new Housing Regulation (HVV) will come into force. This regulation contains new rules regarding the granting and taking into use of housing accommodation and changing the composition of the housing stock. The purpose of this regulation is to improve the distribution of rental housing with a lower rent. It allows a municipality to designate rental properties for which a housing permit must be applied for. Without holding a housing permit, the house may not be rented. A number of municipalities in the Netherlands work with a housing permit, including The Hague and Amsterdam.

We distinguish between different scenarios

1. House sold:
The surplus value or residual debt, if any, is examined. If a residual debt remains, 5% of this amount is calculated as interest per month and deducted from the gross monthly income. If there is a surplus value, this may be counted as equity.

2. House purchase is retained
The monthly mortgage amount is deducted from the gross monthly income.

3. Purchasing house is taken over by the ex-partner with a signed divorce agreement

If there is a divorce agreement which states that the prospective tenant is no longer jointly and severally liable for the mortgage, this does not have to be included in the calculation of the income requirement.

This depends on the rules applied by the client. In most cases, we rent out properties intended only for "common durable households". This means that the property is intended only for the tenant and their household. It is not possible, for example, to add a child, brother, sister-in-law or niece as a co-tenant/contractor to the tenancy agreement. This is because in such a case, there is often no permanent joint household, even if they share living and housing costs. In such a form of kinship between two individuals, it often happens that at some point, one of them will leave the house and the cohabitation situation comes to an end.

Repair and Maintenance

Our 24-hour service desk is the department to which all faults and repair requests should be reported.

T: 088-5454646

Here you can find the maintenance ABC, which shows who is responsible for which part.

Subscribe / Seeker

We will contact you if you are the best suitable candidate to view the property. Please note that there are currently many house hunters and only a few candidates are invited for a viewing. Therefore, it may take some time before a property is assigned to you. We ask you kindly for your patience.

Our system determines the most suitable candidate for each property. This selection is made on the basis of:

  • Income;

  • Duration of registration as a house seeker with vb&t Rental Brokers;

  • Profile candidate for the relevant property. Think of senior complexes(age) or single-family houses(family composition).

If the first candidate refuses the property or does not pass our file check, the selection process starts again. In this way, the interest list goes through until the property is rented out. For vacant properties, there may be several candidates who will view the property and may want to rent it. We select the most suitable candidate for the property.

We cannot give an unequivocal answer, as this depends on several factors. We ask you to respond to the homes that match your search profile and will contact you if you are the best candidate for a home. Please fill in all fields in your"my file".Documents do not have to be uploaded yet.

How do we select the best candidate?

- Income standard

- Duration of registration as house hunter at vb&t Verhuurmakelaars

- Candidate profile for the specific residence. Think of senior citizen complexes (age) or single-family dwellings (family composition).

In this way the (interest) list will be continued until the residence is rented.

The gross monthly income (including holiday pay and fixed bonuses/surcharges) must be 4 times the monthly rent. The income of your partner is in most cases counted for 1/3. If you both receive AOW, the second income can be counted for 100%. Please note that we rent for several clients. The income standard can differ per house.

Use the income calculation tool on our website to determine your maximum rental price:

It is possible that the estate agent opens the online agenda for a residence. In that case, it is possible to plan a visit yourself in the agenda of the broker. If the online agenda is open, you can see this in the presentation of the house on the website.

If the online agenda is not open, it is not possible to schedule a viewing. To be eligible for a rental property, we ask you to register on our website Registration is always free of charge and without obligation.

In the registration form you can fill in your living wishes (place, type of house, rent, etc.). After your registration you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

Then you can choose the house you are interested in under 'Directly for rent' on our website. You can do this by clicking on the REPEAT button next to the residence (you will then be asked to log in with your user name and password), and you will receive a confirmation after you have responded to the residence.

From the reactions on a residence we choose the most suitable candidate to view the residence.

Are you already registered? REACT directly via our own website.

There is no closing date, you can respond to the residence as long as it has not yet been let. The status of the rental of the residence is indicated on the website.

Your comment is on the interest list. Please be patient. If the tenant candidate is not interested or the file is not in order, we will look at the interest list and contact the next best suitable candidate.

How do we select the most suitable candidate?

- Income standard

- Duration of registration as house hunter at vb&t Verhuurmakelaars

- Candidate profile for the specific residence. Think of senior citizen complexes (age) or single-family dwellings (family composition).

In this way the (interest) list will be continued until the residence is rented.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to obtain urgency from us.

We strive to make the rental process as digital as possible. Digital processing enables us to respond more quickly, support you better and you can arrange everything from home.

We are happy to talk to you and to help you find the perfect home, both digitally and personally.

Yes, immediately after your registration you will receive a confirmation with the data you have left behind. PLEASE NOTE: this e-mail might end up in your SPAM/unwanted e-mail.

The rent till is determined on the basis of your gross monthly income. If you fill in the field gross monthly income, rent till will be filled in automatically.

If you have forgotten your password, you can retrieve it by clicking on "forgot password".
If this does not work, it may be that your login name (e-mail address) starts with a capital letter.

You may do so, by filling in the income details of the person looking for a house.
You may enter your telephone number and e-mail address as contact details.

It is possible that you have filled in your wishes for living for which nothing has become available.
You can easily view and change this yourself via login on our website -> 'my file'.
You then log in and click on the button: 'my search profile', you can change this at any time.

Please be patient. We will contact you if you are the best candidate for the property to schedule a viewing. If the residence is rented out to someone else, you will also receive an e-mail.

How do we select the best candidate?

- Income standard

- Duration of the registration as house hunter at vb&t Verhuurmakelaars

- Candidate profile for the specific residence. Think of senior citizen complexes (age) or single-family dwellings (family composition).

In this way the (interest) list will be continued until the residence is rented.

If possible, we will give priority to your candidate-tenant. Vb&t and/or the owner can always give another candidate-tenant first preference for renting the residence for compelling reasons.

The rental department will assess whether you could be eligible for the residence.
You need to meet the income requirements that are set for all candidate tenants.

The rent of the house will always be adjusted to a market price, so it may be that the candidate gets a different rent than you as a tenant currently pay.

If the notice of termination of the rent has already been sent, you can contact the rental department.
They can then see what they can still do for this candidate.

Unfortunately, we cannot give a concrete answer to this question.
It depends on how many people respond to the property

On the basis of the income requirement, housing preferences, availability, completeness of your file and final credit check, the houses are allocated to the most suitable candidate.

Most of the residences we rent are not for students. It is only possible to rent almost all our houses with sufficient income according to our income requirements. We therefore advise you not to register as a student at vb&t Verhuurmakelaars. If we get a student residence in our offer we offer it through other channels (student platforms).

Income requirements:

To be eligible for rental accommodation, the owner of the accommodation has to meet an income standard. When allocating a house, a fixed gross monthly income of 4 times the rent on the basis of one income is assumed. Student grants and (additional) jobs are not considered as such. In addition, it is not possible to work with guarantees or sureties from parents or third parties. A residence will only be rented to the person who will actually live there himself. This person must have an independent income according to the above criteria. Unfortunately, this may mean that we cannot help you. In that case, we advise you to contact landlords who may be able to rent to students.

If you no longer wish to be registered in our database, you can terminate your search yourself.

  • At the bottom of every 'New rental offer' mail you will find the text: P.S. If you no longer wish to receive accommodation from us, you can easily unsubscribe.

  • In your 'My File' under the button 'My Search Profile', it is also possible to unsubscribe yourself.

For this purpose, we have recorded a video to guide you through all the steps.
Click here to watch the video.

The short answer is: No.
The properties you see on our website are offered by us on behalf of various landlords. This means that we act as an intermediary between a landlord and a (potential) tenant. We do not charge the tenant any mediation costs.
Read more about this subject in this article.

Available: You can respond to the property. The property has not yet been offered to a candidate. From the responses we will contact the most suitable candidate for a viewing, based on our allocation criteria.

Offered: This residence is currently offered to a candidate tenant. The candidate tenant is invited for a viewing. You can still respond to the residence, you will then be placed on the waiting list.

Rented under reservation: Another candidate has accepted the property, the file needs to be checked against our allocation criteria. You can still respond to the property and will then be on the waiting list.

Rented: The residence has been let. You can no longer respond to the residence.

This is different and depends on several factors.

The residence is still occupied: When a residence is still occupied by the current tenants, we will invite candidates one by one.

The residence is empty: When a residence is empty, we will invite several candidates to come and view it.

The residence is being renovated: When work is still being carried out on a residence, it may take longer before we can come and view it.

If you are invited for a viewing you will be notified automatically. We will always share the rental status on our website and if a property is rented out to someone else you will be notified by email.

No, you can't. We think it's important that everyone has a fair chance of getting housing. We want to give people who - for example - don’t have good language skills or do not have the time to send a motivational letter a chance at the house as well. We are also not allowed to accept presents, due to risk of bribery.

The only criteria we will take in to account:

  • Income standard

  • Duration of registration as a house seeker with vb&t Rental Brokers

  • Profile of candidate for the property in question. Think of senior complexes (age) or single-family houses (family composition)

A credit check, PEP and Sanctions test can be part of your background check. When performing the credit check, we gain insight into a candidate's financial risks, because the candidate has been in contact with a collection agency, for example, has a BKR registration or records of (previous) negative payment experiences. A sanctions list lists individuals who have been involved in past or present activities such as money laundering or terrorism. An adverse media screening involves checking whether a person in question appears in combination with negative news. For this, we use global databases. PEP is an abbreviation for Politically Exposed Person. In short, a PEP is a person who has a politically prominent role, such as the prime minister.

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