Together with our partners, we ensure that the rental of our homes runs as smoothly as possible. We strongly believe in cooperation and integration of services. In sharing knowledge to further develop our services and to provide our clients with the best possible service. See our partners below.

Checked ID

Of course we want to know who we are doing business with when we rent out our properties. This is where our cooperation with CheckedID came from, as this makes it possible to verify the identity of people. Data leakage is not possible here. By reading out the chip in the ID card, CheckedID is maximally reliable and unique. Finally, the secure verification report is proof that the identification has been done carefully and so you, the tenant, know that everything will be safely stored in our systems.


In addition to placing our housing offerings on our own website, we also place offers via Funda. This has been a popular real estate platform for house hunters and estate agents since 2001. You can search for directly available houses here, but you can also find general advertisements. You can see which estate agent is managing which properties, so you can register to stay informed of availability. There are also several options for presenting our homes such as: placing photos, videos and 360 degree photos so that we can give you, as interested parties, a good impression of the home.


As a large rental agency, we like to go along with the digitalisation of our time. That is why it is important for us to work with a system that can respond to this.

Christian van Gils (Executive Board Eye-Move) has the following to say about our collaboration: "It is our mission and vision to be a digital solution for real estate professionals like vb&t with EyeMove. This is certainly not at the expense of the client. With the online ID-Dossier (my account), the client feels that the estate agent is available 24/7 and that all the information can be securely accessed at any time. We like to be ahead of the game, and with a party like vb&t we have a customer who will always take up that challenge with us."