Aartshertog Albertweg 1-G03

5615 SJ Eindhoven

Go to [RESPOND] in the housing presentation on our website and indicate that you are interested.
We also refer you to our website for our allocation criteria.

**Vb&t strives to help you find a suitable rental home to the best of our ability. To achieve this we ask you to register via our website. Registration is always free of charge and no strings attached. You may register for properties that are immediately available, but also for properties that may become available in the future. Based on the information provided by you, we will automatically inform you by e-mail when properties are available that meet your housing requirements. You can find the registration form on our website.**

**This information has been compiled with the utmost care. However, we cannot always prevent the information from deviating slightly from what you see or have seen in or around the property. This may particularly apply to the brochure text, floor plans and measurements. No rights can therefore be derived from this.**

Effective immediately
Rental period (min.)
12 months
Number of responses
Other expenses
Security deposit
€ 0,-
Parking charges p/m
€ 0,-
Parking service charges
€ 0,-
Object type
Parking Lot
New / existing
Existing construction
WOZ value
€ 17.000,-
WOZ reference date
Rental price
€ 95,- p.m.
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sun/shade info