5 handy tips to get a rental property faster!

12 maart 2024

At vb&t Verhuurmakelaars, we do our utmost to help everyone find a rental property as quickly as possible. You can help us make this process even faster!

Tip 1: Make sure you have installed and gone through the MyQii app

Thanks to the MyQii app, you can easily share your data and documents with vb&t Verhuurmakelaars. Without sharing your data via the MyQii app, we cannot assign a rental property to you. Of course, you do not have to share all your details yet; we will only ask you to do so when you actually go for a viewing.

Not living in the Netherlands: Make sure all your name and address details and income details are shared in your relationship file.

Tip 2: Use our income calculation tool to calculate the rent you qualify for!

It may not be higher maths, but it can still be tricky to calculate what rent you qualify for. We make it easy for you in our income calculation tool! Select what applies to your situation and enter your income details. Our tool will calculate the maximum rent you are eligible for.

Is this a Bouwinvest residence (recognisable by the Bouwinvest logo in the advertisement)? They have their own rent calculator! Here you can calculate the maximum rental price for Bouwinvest houses.

Tip 3: Respond to houses you qualify for

We understand; Never shot is always wrong. Unfortunately, we work with strict allocation criteria to ensure that our tenants and clients run as little risk as possible. So responding to properties you don't qualify for makes no sense and only creates unnecessary extra work. Use our income calculation tool to find out what rent you qualify for!

Tip 4: Subscribe to our newsletter

Once every two months we will send you a newsletter in which we provide you with useful tips and interesting facts that can help you in the rental process. We will also keep you informed about events such as open houses and new construction projects in the area of interest.

You subscribe by entering your relationship file navigating to "My search profile". At the bottom of the page you can check the box "Yes, I want to subscribe to the newsletter".

Tip 5: Read up on the information or documents we need from you

Depending on your situation, we need various data from you. Different requirements apply to an employee than to someone who is self-employed or retired. In most cases, you can provide all your data via MyQii, but in some cases you will need to request and provide documents yourself. Many documents cannot be requested yet, because we need the most recent version. However, you can prepare yourself for what documents you will need to provide when you are allocated a property by, for example, checking which bodies you need to request documents from.

Check here which data or documents we need from you!

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