Annual review: 2023 in focus

16 januari 2024

With at least 5.4 million website visits and 395,238 visits on Funda, it is clear that you know how to find us effortlessly. We have also noticed this in our customer service. Last year, our inside sales staff spoke to you on the phone no less than 32,910 times and we answered 18,475 e-mails from you.

While we were working hard to answer your contact requests, we were also busy renting out properties. In 2023, we rented out over 1,800 homes and delivered over 363 new-build homes. Curious about what else we achieved this year? Check out the infographic below for more facts!

Infographic 2023 (3).png

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The rental specialist in the Netherlands

With a housing stock of 15,000 homes, vb&t Verhuurmakelaars is one of the largest rental specialists in the Netherlands. We have 55 years of experience in renting and managing homes.

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