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31 augustus 2022

In the middle of the fast and busy city life exists The Villy: an oasis of peace where you can meet, work and eat. Of course while enjoying a fresh cup of coffee, a fruity smoothie or a nice glass of wine. The living room concept lets you experience a village-like feeling in the middle of the city. You will find The Villy in Amsterdam-West and soon a new branch will open in the new building complex The Roofs in The Hague.

Jan-Willem van der Aa is co-responsible for the concept: "The Villy The Hague will be located in the plinth of the second residential tower in The Roofs. The new building complex is located 500 metres from The Hague Central Station and is therefore very central. The Villy is there for everyone. Our main target group consists of the residents of The Roofs and other neighbourhood residents. For them, we will soon be the living room where they can always go. A nice community where you feel at home.

VB&T-01-07-2022-Epsilon-Studios-Ektor-Tsolodimos.jpgPhoto: Jan-Willem van der Aa

A village feeling in the middle of the city

The Villy is the perfect place for a quick coffee to go or a slow start with an extensive breakfast. You can also go there for a nice lunch, a good glass of wine or just to live and work. Jan-Willem: "The Villy is an all-day concept where you are welcome all day. You walk past it on your way home to pick up a nutritious meal, have a chat with the neighbour or hang around after work. When you walk into our living room you get a village feeling, in the middle of the busy city."

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Photos: The Villy

Extra living comfort

The Villy would like to personally meet all new residents of The Roofs. That is why they received vouchers for a free cup of coffee with a slice of homemade banana bread. The living room will soon offer services that will increase the pleasure of living in The Roofs. Together with your neighbours you can have a bite to eat, for example, but also a relief when you're busy. Getting a breath of fresh air, your daily cup of coffee, a healthy meal: The Villy takes good care of you.

A unique feature of this project is that every resident has a QR code on the inside of the kitchen cupboard. Residents can use this code to order food, which The Villy will then deliver to their front door at an agreed time. Handy!

210420_PBV_TheVilly_41_HR.jpgPhoto: The Villy

Everyone is welcome at The Villy

The Villy is primarily aimed at the residents of The Roofs, but everyone is welcome. The menu is diverse. There is always something on it that fits your lifestyle. "That is the strength of The Villy", says Jan-Willem. "We have a basic menu, but we also like to be inspired by the surroundings. We are the living room where the locals feel at home and what that looks like is different in every city. The people of Hagen may have different preferences from the people of Amsterdam, and at The Villy we go along with that. Neighbours are really part of the identity of our living room."

Curious? Visit The Villy Rhapsody in Amsterdam-West. Soon, The Villy The Roofs will open in The Hague centre and The Villy Terraced Tower in Rotterdam.

Photo: The Roofs, The Hague

The Roofs is the next level of living in The Hague. Living in the clouds with a fantastic view of the city, the sea, as far as the eye can see. Urban living, but with all modern conveniences. Pull up a chair for dinner in the living room or have the same dinner delivered to your front door. Prefer to go out? The two residential towers are right next to The Hague Central Station. Take the train within a few minutes or use the e-bikes and shared cars from The Roof. Wonderful living in a great community, right in the heart of The Hague.

Renting in The Roofs? For more information, please visit www.theroofs.nl.

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