Green lovers rejoice in De Groene Kaap

19 november 2020

New in the lease: De Groene Kaap in Rotterdam

De Groene Kaap is a special ensemble of residential towers, stacked town houses, courtyard gardens, roof gardens and even a walking route from the main entrance to the roofs. In total, there are five residential towers with a wide variety of flats. Between the residential towers, you will find stacked single-family dwellings of two or three floors. In the middle, an intimate courtyard is created, decorated with lush plants, play elements and atmospheric lighting in the evening. One of the residential towers and the town houses on the quayside are owner-occupied, while all the other dwellings are rented.

Living in a green oasis

De Groene Kaap gives you plenty of opportunities to choose the home that suits your lifestyle and stage of life. As well as very spacious single-family homes of 160 m2, there will also be two-room flats with a living area of 48 m2 and larger city flats with three, four or five rooms. And if you want to live on a higher level, choose a top flat with a fantastic view over the water, the city and the green oasis that De Groene Kaap is rich in. With its green courtyard gardens and roof gardens, this special project lives up to its name. The natural outdoor spaces are unique to the Netherlands and invite spontaneous meetings, outdoor play and urban gardening. With bricked-in birdhouses and lush planting, there is always something to see when you take a stroll through the courtyards, roof gardens and bridges that together form a continuous route.

Availability and prices

The range of homes in De Groene Kaap is so varied that it is almost overwhelming! There are no fewer than 11 different types of homes and the rental prices vary from €850 for a two-room flat to €2200 per month for an extra-large town house. Whatever your budget and family composition may be, De Groene Kaap offers something for everyone. Then take a look at the project website!

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