Living in the Rotterdam skyline!

5 december 2023

Did you know that Rotterdam is the only city in the Netherlands with a real skyline? The beautiful view of the dynamic and the feeling of a truly own city culture makes Rotterdam the favourite home town of many a tenant.

This is where you want to live, right? Soaking up culture in the Kunst-As, experiencing burgundy in the Markthal and getting a breath of fresh air along the waterfront... Rotterdam has a lot to offer for true bon vivants. After all, it is not the city where the hair salon was invented for nothing! Curious about what it's like to live in Rotterdam? Step into the shoes of a Rotterdam tenant; read the article "Rotterdam Region; Living in a Skyline" in our Buitengewoon Huren magazine!

Buitengewoon Huren magazine

Find the full article about living in the Rotterdam region in the Buitengewoon Huren magazine. The Buitengewoon Huren magazine 2023-2024 is packed with inspiration and practical tips. Be fascinated by Debbie's rooftop paradise, the endless efforts of House Master Kees and Anne-Sophie and Roderick's beautiful castle. Always wanted to know what it's like to live in the heights? Or would you rather imagine yourself wandering through the picturesque streets of Maastricht? This and much more can be read in the new edition of the Buitengewoon Huren magazine.

Make your (future) rented house an extraordinary home too. Click here for the online magazine! We wish you much reading pleasure.

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