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19 mei 2021

Are you looking for a fresh new home? Then you've come to the right place! With our specialised new homes department, we can help you find your new home. New homes have many advantages. Renting a new house offers comfort, is energy efficient and low-maintenance! We have listed these advantages below so that after reading this page, you will be completely convinced to rent one of our new homes.
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Low maintenance

Everything about your new house is new and fresh. Therefore, your house will require little or no maintenance during the first five years. So there will be no inconvenience from maintenance work either. This convenience is partly due to the materials used. An extra plus for tenants: should something break, you can simply report faults and repair requests to us! Naturally, you can assume that maintenance contracts for the central heating boiler and other installations run via us. Maintenance work on the outside of the homes, such as painting, also goes through us. Are you going to rent a new flat? Then you pay service costs, which also include the maintenance contract for a lift, for example.


Your home is well insulated against cold and heat, and meets the strictest legal requirements for sound insulation. The same goes for the air quality, which also meets the strictest standards. In addition, modern technology in more and more newly built houses provides for heating and cooling. All this makes the indoor climate pleasant and comfortable. From a structural point of view, your house also meets the latest legal requirements (Buildings Decree). This means, among other things, that the ceilings and doors are higher and the stairs less steep. Minimum dimensions also apply to, for example, toilet rooms and corridors. This extra space also provides more comfort.

Energy efficient & durable

With a standard energy consumption that corresponds to energy label A, your new-build home is very energy-efficient. You will notice this on your energy bill. Moreover, you will be contributing to a better climate and a better environment. A new-build home is a lot more sustainable than older homes; new-build has less of a burden on the environment and produces lower CO2 emissions. This is partly thanks to the good insulation and the use of sustainable techniques to provide your home with heat and electricity. In addition, more and more builders are using sustainable building materials, such as responsibly harvested wood.


Your house is built according to the most modern safety requirements. The living environment has also been designed according to the latest safety insights. Newbuild houses often have the 'Politiekeurmerk Veilig Wonen', a police quality mark for safe living, with burglar-proof hinges and locks, for example. In a house with this quality mark, you have fifty percent less chance of a burglary. You also have all new neighbours, with whom you could start up neighbourhood prevention via Whatsapp or Facebook! This also increases the solidarity in the neighbourhood and maybe you can organise a neighbourhood BBQ in the summer.

Styling & furnishing

Most new-build homes are delivered empty. The advantage of this is that you, as the first occupant, can decide what floor you want, what window coverings you want and what colours you want on the walls. You can ask for styling advice, but of course you can also do it yourself! Several companies offer styling advice, but also lighting advice so that you have a perfect lighting plan in your home.

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