Parking spaces

30 maart 2021

Did you know that in addition to an extensive range of homes, we also rent out several parking spaces? The full range of parking spaces can be found in the housing selection below. Filter on type of object 'other' to display only the parking spaces.

Stationsstraat, Helmond

Two parking spaces in the centre of Helmond for rent! Park your car affordable and safe. The parking spaces are located in the basement of the apartment complex Stationside, which is closed by an automatic door. This gives you in the winter an ice-free and in the summer a cool car!

  • Rent price € 33,- p.m. including service costs
  • The minimum rental period is 12 months
  • These are stray spaces, so no parking space number will be allocated
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Garage box 22 Dr. Bakstraat, Maastricht

Would you like to park your car or motorbike in a closed space? Then a garage box is the ideal solution. Your vehicle is protected against rain, frost and snow. So your vehicle remains in good condition. The space is also suitable for temporary storage. The garage is located on the Dr. Bakstraat in Maastricht and is accessible through a swing door.

  • Rental price €80,00 per month excl.
  • Minimum rental period is 12 months, with a notice period of 1 calendar month
  • Annual rent indexation
If you are interested or would like more information, please contact agent Patricia Defaux by telephone at 06-55713968 or by e-mail at

G.A. van Nispenstraat 91PP, Arnhem

We have a parking spot at the G.A. van Nispenstraat in Arnhem for rent immediately. The parking space is located at the rear of the complex in a closed parking garage.

  • Rental price €65.00 per month excl.
  • The minimum rental period is 12 months, with a notice period of 1 calendar month
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