Personnel follows the Asbestos recognition course; At vb&t you rent safely

21 april 2023

Our employees have a chance of coming into contact with asbestos during repair requests, renovation work and changes: asbestos is present in about 80% of all buildings built before 1993. A life-threatening substance that can cause various health risks when inhaled. On average, an estimated 700 people die each year from cancer possibly caused by asbestos.


Asbestos harmful to health

Asbestos is often incorporated in cement, cardboard, glue or plaster. It is strong, wear-resistant, resistant to alkalis and resistant to high temperatures. However, we have found that the advantages no longer outweigh the disadvantages. The danger is mainly in inhaling the fibers. These are released in large numbers when the material is damaged. The fibers are carcinogenic when they enter the lungs.

Asbestos recognition course

It is important that skilled personnel can recognize the signs of asbestos. In this way, vb&t can prevent staff and tenants from running health risks. That is why all our Technical Managers and Home Inspectors are required to follow the asbestos recognition course. To ensure that this subject remains alive and that our staff remains aware of all dangers, they also take refresher courses every 2 to 3 years.

What does an asbestos course entail?

Asbestos has three different types and is processed in various ways in building materials. In these courses, our staff learns to recognize asbestos in its various forms and applications. With the right knowledge, we can avoid unnecessary health risks and estimate the financial consequences of the presence of asbestos.

Alert thanks to training day of SGE Search training

On March 20, the necessary employees had another training day from SGS Search Training. They prepared for the course with an online learning module and then obtained their Asbestos recognition certificate with, among other things, Virtual Reality glasses, sample jars and some practical examples. Our staff will continue to be trained in asbestos recognition in the coming years. Together we strive for a healthy and pleasant living environment.

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