Renting in 2023: How will the current law affect my situation?

17 januari 2023

A new year often means many changes. Also in 2023, new laws may affect your (future) housing situation.


Rent liberalisation limit

The rent liberalisation limit in 2022 was €763.47. This meant that all properties above that amount fell into the free sector. In the free sector, you are not entitled to rent allowance. The 2023 liberalisation limit will be €808.06.

Point system to be changed

In order to make it easier for middle-income earners to get a rental property, the cabinet has agreed to shake up the point system. This point system determines the value of a rental property. Previously, only social housing was subject to this point system, but now part of the free rental sector will also be subject to this system.

The point system will apply up to 187 points. This will involve a rent of around €1100. The regulation is temporary and will apply as long as there is a scarcity in the housing market. The regulation will apply to new rental contracts from 1 January 2024.

There has been a lot of criticism of this current system. Among others, the NVM expresses concerns about the (rental) return on investment properties. The system could cause investors to sell their properties, after which the houses are bought by private individuals who move in themselves. There are also fears that new construction projects of medium-rent properties will come to a standstill, as there is less return than expected.

Price cap on energy

In 2023, households will not pay more than a maximum price for gas, electricity and district heating up to a certain usage thanks to the price cap. This will give most households a discount on their energy bills.

Maximum energy tariff up to a certain usage

Up to a consumption of 1.200 m3 gas, 2,900 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity and 37 gigajoules (GJ) of district heating, maximum tariffs apply in 2023. These tariffs are (including taxes):

  • €0.40 per kWh of electricity;

  • €1.45 per m3 gas;

  • €47.38 per GJ of district heat.

Most households get a discount on their energy bills as a result. The government pays for this discount. Households and other small consumers do not have to do anything to get this discount. 

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