Sign the lease digitally

21 augustus 2019

When you are assigned a rental property by vb&t Verhuurmakelaars, you will receive the files for signing digitally. How does this work exactly? In this article we explain how you can sign your lease digitally.


will receive an e-mail from us containing a link to the digital rental contract, the general conditions and the direct debit form. Once you have opened the link you will be taken to the page with documents to sign.


Open the first document and read all the pages carefully. If anything is unclear or incorrect, please contact us. Have you read everything thoroughly? Then click on the yellow button 'Next' in the bottom right-hand corner and you will be returned to the page with the documents. Open the next document in the row, read it carefully again and click on the 'Next' button in the lower right-hand corner. Repeat this until every document has a green tick.

Digitally sign

When you have read through everything, click on the screen with the documents in the lower right-hand corner on 'Next'. On this page, fill in your first and last name and place your signature in the large box. To confirm your signature, click on the yellow button 'Sign' in the lower right corner. The contract has now been successfully signed! We will send you the signed rental contract by e-mail.


Are you renting the house with a co-tenant? After signing by the main tenant, this person will also receive an email to sign the contract.After signing you will receive an invitation from us for the key transfer and information about the first rent payment. We wish you a lot of fun in your new home!

Would you like to see how the signing of the tenancy agreement goes after reading this article? In the instruction video below we will show you step by step!

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