Taking over stuff, how does that work?

7 september 2023

When tenants choose to terminate their current rental property with vb&t Verhuurmakelaars, they have the option of offering their belongings for takeover to the property's new tenant. Of course, taking over belongings is not an obligation. In this article, we will show you how the takeover process works.

Who does taking over belongings benefit?

Taking over belongings can be beneficial for both parties. Emptying your rental property is a big task that costs a lot of time and possibly money. When a new tenant takes over some things, it saves you clean-up time and probably a trip to the dump. On the other hand, the new tenant can save valuable moving time and money by taking over the floors from the departing tenant, for example. Items offered for takeover are often cheaper than if new items have to be purchased.

Taking over items is also beneficial for the environment. By taking over items, you avoid throwing them away. Producing new goods requires a lot of raw materials, energy and labour, which is often environmentally damaging. By reusing stuff from others, you reduce the demand for new production, which reduces the environmental impact.

Which items can be taken over?

In principle, all items can be taken over if they are not broken, with the exception of tiled floors and garden sheds. Damaged items cannot be offered for takeover. Taking over floors happens regularly, but refrigerators, washing machines and other appliances can also be taken over by new tenants. Also consider smaller items such as curtains, cupboards, window stickers and coat racks.

Only with subsequent rentals

Departing tenants can only offer their belongings for takeover if a new tenant has been appointed before their departure. The departing tenant and the new tenant will have the opportunity to make arrangements together for items to be offered for takeover. If the rental property has not yet been rented out when the departing tenant leaves, the property should be vacated and items cannot be offered for takeover.

Can money be charged for items that are offered for sale?

Departing tenants who offer their belongings for takeover are free to charge a fee for the items. This should be for a reasonable fee. vb&t is not a party in this negotiation, but can intervene in case of (suspected) abuse of the situation. The agreements are recorded in the takeover report.

How do I offer my belongings for takeover?

When the new tenant comes to view the property, you can discuss things to be offered for takeover. The takeover report can already be filled in and signed. However, this document is only valid when vb&t Verhuurmakelaars has officially appointed the new tenant and the new tenant has signed the rental agreement. The completed takeover reportsigned by both parties, should be present in the property when the keys are handed over so that it can be added to the inspection report by the housing inspector.

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