Temporary leases abolished by the Dutch House of Representatives

26 mei 2023

The “Fixed Lease Contracts Act” bill was adopted by the House of Representatives on 16 May 2023. This law was created to protect tenants against stress, uncertainty and rent increases.

Abuse by landlords

A landlord is currently allowed to offer a lease for short periods without security of tenure. These leases end after the term has expired and are not terminated through the courts. According to the majority of the House of Representatives, this is used too often. At the start of a new lease, the landlord may increase the price. This leads to more extreme rent increases compared to fixed leases.

Entrance “Fixed Lease Contracts Act”

Thanks to the new law, it will no longer be possible for landlords to temporarily rent out living spaces in the current way.


There are some exceptions where a temporary lease is still allowed. For example, landlords may provide a temporary lease to relatives by blood or marriage in the first degree.

Temporary rental contracts may also be offered to people who…

  • Temporarily have to live in another municipality for work or study or to people who temporarily work or study in the Netherlands from abroad;

  • Have to leave their space in connection with renovation or demolition followed by new construction and temporarily live in another home;

  • A social emergency comes from a social shelter or tenants with urgency;

  • Entering into a second or last chance rental agreement with the landlord, if the tenant has not kept to the agreements made;

  • Sheltered living under supervision;

  • Staying in the home of a deceased first-degree relative or guardian. This person must have the house as his main residence at the time of the death of the main tenant.

People who are going to live together and therefore have a home that they do not want to leave yet, can also rent it out temporarily.

Renting from vb&t Verhuurmakelaars

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Source: Afschaffing tijdelijke huurcontracten zet markt voor woningzoekers nog verder op slot | NVM

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