Connecting gas, water and electricity for your new rental property

4 mei 2022

Congratulations! You have a new rental property. Before you can really start enjoying yourself, there are a few things you need to arrange, such as the connection of gas, electricity, water and waste. In this article we describe what you need to take into account. We hope to help you get started quickly.

Take out your tenancy agreement

Read the tenancy agreement carefully and see which costs and connections are already included in the rent and which are not. Many leases already include some connections in the rent. It is therefore good to know what is already arranged and paid for, and what you as tenant must arrange and/or pay yourself.

If you move into a house in the Netherlands, you may have to arrange the connections yourself. Below we discuss three types of connections and payments for Dutch utilities.

Electricity and gas

There is a wide range of suppliers and services in the Netherlands. Energy is a competitive and liberal market. Are you environmentally aware? Then you can choose a green option. This is produced from environmentally friendly sources such as wind, sun, water and biomass. Because of the various choices available, it is wise to compare prices, energy sources (green or traditional) and contract types.

Compare gas, water and electricity

View this list of themain Dutch energy suppliers. you can compare offers and prices of different suppliers.ConsuWijzer, a government-backed initiative to support consumers, advises comparing via several price comparison sites so that you have a good overview of all the available providers.

Take out a contract

When you have made a decision you can easily conclude a contract via the internet or by phone. You will need your passport, proof of identity, proof of residence in the municipality and a bank statement.

Network operator

After selecting the energy supplier, you will be in contact with two companies: a network manager and the energy supplier. The network manager takes care of the meters. To make sure that you only pay for the share that you use, you pass on the meter readings when you have selected your energy supplier. Your contract will then start with these meter readings. If you forget to pass on the meter readings, the energy supplier will make an estimate which may turn out to be higher and therefore cost you more money.

Important to know

The standard European voltage on the Dutch mains is 220v (50 Hz). British, American and other foreign devices require an adapter. These are available in many shops and web shops.

In the event of a power failure, you can call the national number 0800 - 9009 free of charge 24/7. With this call you inform your network operator. If the fault is limited to your home and cannot be solved easily, you should contact your energy supplier.

Water connection

Water payments are split into two parts: a usage fee and a local tax for sewerage, maintenance and other services. Each water provider has its own region. You cannot choose the provider. you can find the provider in your region.

Dutch tap water is among the safest in the world. It is constantly tested and effective purification methods are used to guarantee water quality.

Waste collection

The municipality takes care of the collection and processing of waste. You will be charged according to the size of your family. The municipality provides you with a calendar containing information on when the waste will be collected.

Household waste can, depending on which municipality or district you live in, be deposited in rubbish bags (available in supermarkets), wheelie bins provided by the municipality or in underground containers to be found on the pavement.

Waste that cannot or should not be disposed of in the regular way can be disposed of at the recycling centre or you can arrange with the municipality for collection.

Paying to Dutch utility companies

Two separate payments are required for gas and electricity: one for the supplier and one for use of the network. The payments are usually combined in one invoice, but some providers send two separate invoices. For water, you pay monthly or quarterly, depending on your provider. Payments can be arranged by direct debit or you can transfer the amounts. For gas, water and electricity, an annual meter reading is requested. You will be informed of this.

We wish you a lot of living pleasure. We hope that this information will help you get started quickly with the connection of gas, water and electricity for your rental property.

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