Rental tips

Easy renting at vb&t Rental Agents
Finding a rental property easily; It seems too good to be true. Yet at vb&t, all you have to do is fill in your basic details, after which you can start your search for a new rental property. Is your dream home among them? You can respond with ease on our website!
Connecting gas, water and electricity for your new rental property
Congratulations! You have a new rental property. But before you can really start enjoying yourself, there are a few things you need to arrange, such as the connection of gas, electricity, water and waste. In this article we describe what you need to take into account. We hope to help you get started quickly.
Burglary prevention
During the National Burglary Prevention Weeks from 1 May to 30 June, you are challenged to take at least one step towards burglary prevention.
Tips for saving energy and water
Today is Earth Day! Especially for this special day, we are sharing an article full of saving tips. Good for the earth and for your wallet.
Spring fever!
Summer times started! The days are getting longer, the temperature is rising. Time to get your house and garden ready for spring!
Household contents and liability insurance
Damage in and around the house cannot always be prevented. It is therefore important to be properly insured.
What is the rent allowance limit in 2021?
In order to be eligible for rent subsidy, the rent must be below the rent subsidy threshold when the lease is concluded.
Safety during the holidays
Besides a lot of fun, the holidays also bring risks. We give you tips on how to get through the holiday season in a fireproof, burglar-proof and coronaproof way!
What do you need to think about when you move in together?
Moving in together for the first time is a super fun , but there are also serious things to be arranged.
Tips for getting your home ready to move in
How do you make your new home your own? Read here how to get your rental property ready for use.
Hanging without drilling
Odd jobs without drilling? Read here how you can still hang your painting or window covering!
King's Day 2020: at home and online
King's Day 2020 will be Housing Day. What can you expect from this day and what can you do at home and online?
Get your garden & balcony ready for spring!
Is your garden or balcony ready for good weather? We have a few tips!
Living on your own for the first time: 5 things to arrange
Living on your own for the first time is an exciting and fun time. We have 5 tips for you!
Moving tips
Are you moving soon? Follow our tips and you will move without stress!
Saving energy in your rental property
Do you always suffer from high energy costs? We have 3 tips for you. This is not only good for the environment, but also for your wallet!
What should you pay attention to when viewing a rental property?
Visiting a rental property soon? We tell you what to do!
Tips for finding a rental property
How do you find a rental property that suits you? We have 5 tips for you!
Delivery of rental property
What exactly do our home inspectors expect from you when you hand over your rental property?
Holiday maintenance
On holiday? These tips will help you leave your home in good condition.
A winter-ready house
With these 5 tips, your home is ready for winter!
Getting the house ready for autumn

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