Delivery of rental property

3 september 2019

Are you leaving your rental home of vb&t Verhuurmakelaars? Then you need to leave the house tidy. But what exactly do we expect from you? In this article we will explain it to you!


you leave the house, two inspections are scheduled. During the preliminary inspection, a home inspector will visit you to go over the house together. The inspector will check what still needs to be repaired, removed or cleaned before you hand in the key. After the inspection, you will receive a copy of the inspection report, so that you can read everything at your leisure. The home inspector will check whether you have carried out any repairs and (cleaning) work that came up during the preliminary inspection. The inspector also determines whether your home is empty and clean. If the chores are not (yet) finished, we will do them for you, at your expense. After the final inspection, you must hand in the keys of the residence to the inspector.

How do I leave my house tidy?

At the final inspection your home should be empty, clean and undamaged. This means that all stains have been removed and all rooms, windows, doors, cupboards, light switches and ventilation grids are clean. In principle, the floor and the stairs should also be handed over empty, unless you have agreed otherwise with the home inspector. The walls should also be handed over bare. If holes have been made in the wall to hang things, you have to close them. This means that the wall sockets and switches have to look neat. Does your house have a garden? Then the plants and trees should be neatly trimmed and the weeds removed. If you have a balcony, it should be swept clean and any algae or moss removed.

Would you like to check whether your house meets all the requirements of the final inspection? In this article we have made a handy overview for you!

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