ED.nl | Rental prices in the free sector through the roof in Eindhoven, increase of 17 percent

20 april 2022

According to Prevoo, the enormous peak of 17 percent should mainly be seen as a snapshot in time. In the first quarter of 2022, for example, a relatively large number of flats became vacant or came onto the market new. These are on average more expensive per metre than a house."

"Cheaper than cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam and more expensive than Groningen and Den Bosch."

Flow is stalling

Despite this nuance, NVM chairman Onno Hoes sees a national housing market in which the flow is completely at a standstill. Especially by the lack of supply in both purchase and rental housing. The gap between the social rental sector and the housing market has become unbridgeable and also in the private rental sector tenants remain seated where they are.

This is according to the NVM also seen in the number of homes that changed tenants. In the first quarter of this year were nationwide thirty percent less than in the first quarter of 2021. VGM NL and NVM based their figures on some 50,000 rental transactions in the free rental sector.

"Actually sits Eindhoven in terms of rents at the level that fits the city," says Eric Prevoo of the Eindhoven vb&t

House 200 euros more expensive

In Eindhoven, tenants now pay almost 1250 euros for an average rental home (88 square meters) in the free sector. More than two hundred euros more than in the first quarter of 2021. A spokesman for the NVM endorses the conclusion of Eric Prevoo that Eindhoven in terms of rents is at the level that fits the city. In a previous analysis, the conclusion was that Eindhoven was lagging behind, so perhaps there is now talk of a catch-up. A city like Eindhoven also attracts many expats who, after Corona, are now coming (back). This also affects rental prices. A development we see in all major expat cities."

Price rise upon price rise, where is the line? And what are the consequences of the unrest in the world. The war in Ukraine and the enormous inflation in the Netherlands? It is difficult to predict, according to Prevoo of vb&t. There are many factors that cause unrest, but on the other hand, there is still a shortage on the housing market and little unemployment. So there are still enough people who can afford an expensive home."

"There are many factors causing unrest but on the other hand there is still a tightness in the housing market and little unemployment." - Eric Prevoo, vb&t

All target groups

So building, building and building more seems to be the best answer for the time being. But for which target groups? NVM Chairman Hoes argues for not only investing heavily in new-build cheap homes, but in all segments. That will help the flow of people through the entire chain and will also make building plans financially feasible sooner.

A plea that is only partly embraced in Eindhoven, by the way. Alderman Yasin Torunoglu, who will soon be leaving, argues for an even larger share of social housing than the thirty per cent currently demanded by Minister Hugo de Jonge. According to Torunoglu, a ratio of 40 per cent social housing, 40 per cent medium-rent and 20 per cent private sector would be better.

Business contribution

Eindhoven does take measures, such as the obligation of self-tenancy, which should prevent investors from buying up houses and renting them out. Torunoglu also advocates support from the business community. Large parties such as ASML, which attract many wealthy expats to the city, also indirectly drive up the price of homes, according to him. According to the alderman, something should be done in return. Not only in lobbying, but also in actual contributions in euros".

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