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Learning about rent increase 2023 with ease
Whether you live in a social rented or free sector property; Your tenant is allowed to increase the rent per year. In 2023, the rent increase for the free sector is linked to the CLA wage development, if it is lower than inflation. This change in the law was passed by the Senate in December to protect tenants from extreme price increases. | Rental prices in the free sector through the roof in Eindhoven, increase of 17 percent
EINDHOVEN - Rental prices for homes in the free sector are going through the roof in Eindhoven. The Dutch Association of Estate Agents (NVM) and Vastgoedmanagment Nederland (VGM NL) came up with an alarming 17 percent increase this week. According to rental broker vb&t, this needs some nuance.
Housing permit Amsterdam 2021
Are you moving to or in Amsterdam? Then you may need a housing permit! In this article we tell you all the ins and outs.
Prinsjesdag 2020: what does it mean for housing?
These are economically turbulent times, but the government is not going to make any cuts in 2021. Read here what it means for housing.
When do you have to pay agency fees when you are renting?
Read in this article what mediation costs are and when you have to pay them.
Quarterly rental figures free sector
From May 2020, NVM and VGM NL will together publish quarterly figures on transaction data for rental properties in the free sector.
The Wwft and proof of identity
According to the Wwft, brokers must always investigate the identity of their clients.
Regulations for online rental platforms on the way
European cities have called for help to combat renting through online platforms.
What happens to your rental property when you split up?
Do you and your partner have a rental property but are separating? Read here how to arrange everything.
Housing Ordinance The Hague and Zoetermeer 2019
From 1 July 2019, a new Housing Regulation (HVV) will come into force in The Hague and Zoetermeer.
Renting in an Owners' Association
In a building with rented and owner-occupied homes, there is an Owners' Association. Read here what this means for you as a tenant.

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