Good news! vb&t Verhuurmakelaars is switching to the MyQii app.

23 november 2023

The implementation of the MyQii app for vb&t will start in November. This means that the housing offer can be tailored even more efficiently to you, the house hunter, you keep control of your own personal data and the data can be shared securely with vb&t. Moreover, the MyQii app ensures validated and reliable data.

With the MyQii app, you collect your personal and financial data from My Government, the Tax Office and the UWV safely, easily and quickly. You have insight into which data are collected from the (government) sources. These are shared with vb&t after permission has been granted. Through MyQii, you thus keep control of your data.

How it works

vb&t Verhuurmakelaars makes renting easy with a search process that is surprisingly simple.

Step 1. Does a house seeker qualify for a property?

A steady, regular income and a good payment record is important. For our clients, but also for the tenant himself. So that the tenant does not take a (too) big financial risk. Because the consequences of no longer being able to pay the rent are huge.

Step 2. Looking fora property

You, the house hunter, register via our website. With this, you create your own Housing File (in EyeMove) and are directed directly to the MyQii app.

We aim to make the rental process as digital as possible. Digital processing allows us to respond faster and allows you, the house hunter, to arrange a lot online yourself.

In 'My Housing File', you can enter the following:

  • search profile;

  • indicate your income and, if necessary, upload additional documents;

You can also track the status of his file in the Housing File.

Step 3. The MyQii app

With the MyQii app, you collect your personal and financial data from My Government, the Tax Office and the UWV safely, easily and quickly. This requires you to log in to the government sources with your DigiD username and password. You have control over which data are collected from the (government) sources. These are shared with vb&t after you have given your permission. Through MyQii, you thus keep control of your data. (Appendix 1: What Personal Data do we process)

Step 4. Final check

Are you still enthusiastic after the viewing and are you the best suitable candidate? Then we provisionally allocate the property - exclusively. Then the final check takes place, a comprehensive customer survey (CDD).

  • Identity check (via MyQii data from MijnOverheid)

  • Income check (via MyQii data from UWV and/or Belastingdiest)

  • Living situation check (via MyQii data from MijnOverheid)

  • Credit check (via Zkr which is linked to EyeMove)

  • Pep and Penalty test (via Zkr which is linked to EyeMove)

  • Payment behaviour (via MyQii PSD2 link)

Step 5. Property is rented out

Approved? Then the rental agreement is drawn up. This is digitally signed with an IdinCheck.

Someone from the rental team is always present when the house is handed over. You will be given a tour of his new home and any other areas such as car park and storage and explained how the equipment in the home works.

At this appointment, identity is checked by showing a valid ID and also the1st rent payment (+ possible deposit and/or other costs) is checked.

Who is Qii

Qii believes that in a digital society, consumers should have access to services that allow them to do business with confidence. With Qii, they are constantly looking for solutions that contribute to this.

Privacy at Qii

MyQii is designed to protect consumer privacy. "Your personal data is yours". The MyQii app helps consumers collect, store and share data securely.

For more information on Qii's Privacy: Qii - Privacy and Security at Qii

Have questions about MyQii or other topics? Visit our information afternoon at an office near you!

Take control in your search for your dream home and arrange all your affairs online yourself. How to do this? We can explain it to you during the information afternoons of vb&t Verhuurmakelaars. On Wednesday 29 November and Wednesday 6 December, vb&t Verhuurmakelaars will open the doors of various offices throughout the Netherlands. Feel free to walk in and ask all your questions to our staff. Click here for more information!

Appendix 1: What personal data do we process?

Data are requested via MijnOverheid, MijnBelastingdienst and MijnUWV to check ID, income and housing situation. In case of provisional allocation, bank details are requested to check payment behaviour and income deposit. In the case of entrepreneurs, self-employed persons and pensioners, no data are requested from MijnUWV, but bank details are requested immediately.

The personal data we process in this context are (also of your partner, if applicable):
- type of ID document, document number and expiry date;
- NAW data: salutation, first and last name, middle name, initials, street name, house number, addition, postal code, place name, municipality;
- function address (home address or postal address);
- status address (current address or previous address);
- start date of address registration;
- gender;
- number of children and number of children moving with them;
- number of occupants;
- date and place of birth
- telephone number and e-mail address;
- marital status;
- profession/function;
- bank account number;
- cadastre: street, house number, addition, municipality;
- income situation (temporary or permanent employment, entrepreneur, benefits, pension, none, income from own assets);
- data on housing situation (purchase, rental, living at home);
- financial data of the last 12 months from UWV (depending on income situation): type of remuneration, monthly income, end date of monthly income, number of hours worked per period, name of employer, start date with employer;
- equity;
- average gross monthly income (gross annual income + possibly holiday allowance or fixed bonus, divided by 12), aggregate income for Tax and Customs Administration over 2 years;
- financial information from bank(s): rent or mortgage payments for the past 12 months in combination with the organisation's contra account and name and deposit of salary/benefit/pension plus date of payment in combination with the organisation's contra account and name, for the past 12 months;
- family composition;
- housing preferences;
- registered in the Netherlands, yes or no.

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