Hanging without drilling

9 juli 2020

When you leave your rented property, you have to leave it as you found it when you moved in. Often this means that you have to plug up all the holes you drilled in the wall to hang things. This can be a tedious job. Fortunately, there are a number of innovative hanging systems and adhesive methods to avoid having to drill holes in the wall. What are they? We have listed a few!

Self-adhesive tape

Do you want to hang a painting or frame with a photo on the wall? Then you can also use self-adhesive tape that you can stick on the wall. This tape is suitable for both smooth walls and tiles in the bathroom. The only thing you have to do is stick the tape on the back of the frame and then hang it on the wall at the desired location. When you take the painting down, you can easily remove the tape from the wall again.

Self-adhesive nails

Do you really need a nail to hang something on? Then the self-adhesive nail is a great solution to not having to drill. The self-adhesive nail is a plate with a protrusion from which you can hang decorations and kitchen utensils. Using self-adhesive tape, you can stick this plate to the wall and remove it again without leaving any marks. Ideal when you really need a nail to hang your clock on!

Mounting sets for the bathroom

Would you like to attach accessories to the wall or tiles in your bathroom without having to drill any holes? With TigerFix wall mounting sets you can hang toilet roll holders, soap dispensers and towel hooks without drilling. Every TigerFix set includes a wall plate and adhesive. Once you have stuck the wall plate on the wall, you can screw the accessory into it.

Suspension rails

With hanging rails you can hang your frames against the wall without having to drill. You hang this rail system at the top of the wall, against the ceiling. You can then hang (transparent) wires on which you can hang your frames. This way you save your wall a lot of holes!

Solutions for window coverings

Would you like to hang your window coverings but without having to use screws? Then you can also choose clamp brackets especially for windows and frames. This way you do not damage the frame and you can still hang your window coverings. You attach the clamp brackets to the rotating part of the window, so that the window covering also moves with you when you open the window.Do you want to avoid filling holes made in the walls? Then these solutions are ideal for you. This way you can still enjoy that beautiful painting, the clock on the wall and window decorations!

Would you also like to avoid filling holes made in walls? Then these solutions are ideal for you. This way, you can still enjoy that beautiful painting, the clock on the wall and window decoration!

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