Holiday maintenance

16 juli 2019

On holiday? How to leave your house in good condition

Before you go on holiday, go through the house to make it safer, more hygienic and more energy-efficient.

Takea look in your gutterCheckwhether you need to clean the gutter. If dirt accumulates there, rainwater cannot drain away properly, and you run the risk of leaks.Containers on the sideLadderstoo, for that matter. That way, burglars can't use them to climb up. Don't leave full bin bags behind either - burglars can get hold of them.Turn off the outside tapVandalscan turn it on. Also empty the garden hose immediately. If water is left standing in it in hot weather, the legionella bacteria can grow in it.Close allwindows and doors. Also the toilet and cellar windows and the barn door.Askneighbours or friends to empty the letterbox regularly. A pile of mail is a sign of your absence. Can't someone remove the mail? Consider putting a No/No sticker on the letterbox during the holiday period.Turn off devicesNeverleave the television, computer or printer unplugged. This saves electricity and prevents damage from short circuits or lightning strikes. Immediately check that there are no phone chargers or laptops in the wall sockets.Fridge low and emptySetthe fridge at a lower setting (saves electricity) and empty it (hygiene). You can also turn it off completely, but then the door must be left ajar to prevent mould from growing. Only do this when the fridge is out of sight, otherwise it will be obvious from outside that you are not at home.Close the awning. If there is a strong wind, an extended screen can break and damage the façade.Turn off the water supplyto the washing machine to prevent water damage. The water inlet hose can snap, for instance. Do the same for the dishwasher.Don't forget the alarm clockCheckwhether the alarm clock is off. Then it will not wake the neighbours when you are away.Plants need waterGivethe plants some more water. And try to find someone who will water the garden once in a while.Ventilation on the lowest settingAnd(if available) open the ventilation grids. When you're not in the house, the air doesn't pollute as quickly. And it saves electricity. Make sure that the ventilation grilles are clean so that enough fresh air can enter the house.Make it look lived-in This willdeter burglars. For example, put a magazine on the table and place some glasses. Leave some children's toys lying around in the garden and park a second car, or the neighbour's, in the driveway.Do not leave keys onthe inside of animals or windows. A burglar can open a door or window very easily this way. Moreover, once inside, he can escape more easily.Don't skip the gardenForthe garden, the same applies as for plants: it's handy if someone comes to water it every now and then. Mow the grass a little more, -3 to 5 centimetres is short enough. And put any plants in the shade.

Source: own home magazine July/Aug 2019

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