Learning about rent increase 2023 with ease

30 januari 2023

Whether you live in a social rented house or a free sector house; Your tenant is allowed to increase the rent each year. In 2023, the rent increase for the free sector is linked to the CLA wage development, if it is lower than inflation. This change in the law was passed by the Senate in December to protect tenants from extreme price increases.

In the year 2022, inflation was 9.7% and wage growth amounted to 3.1%. Given wage growth is lower than inflation, the rent increase will be linked to wage growth.

The rent increase may be 1% above wage growth. The annual rent increase of the free sector 2023 is therefore a maximum of 4.1%.

Rent increase may not exceed maximum

Your landlord may not set the rent increase higher than the maximum of 4.1%. Since the new law took effect in 2021, your landlord may not increase the rent above the maximum and terminate the rent if the you do not agree to a higher rent. This law is valid until 1 May 2024.

Rent increase after home improvement free-sector house

When the landlord has improved your home, the rent increase of your free-sector house is allowed to exceed the maximum. This is because it is separate from the annual rent increase.

Rent increase per 12 months

Your rent may not be increased indefinitely. Only once per calendar year does the landlord get the opportunity to increase the rent. However, there are some exceptions for this. If you are in the first year of your rent, there was more than 12 months between the previous rent increase or your landlord has improved the property, the landlord may also increase the rent. Here it does not matter whether you live in a free-sector or social rented house.

Disclosure of rent increase

Do you rent a free-sector house? Your contract will tell you when the rent increase takes effect. This happens automatically.

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