Renting in an Owners' Association

10 september 2019

If you rent a flat from vb&t Verhuurmakelaars, it may be that it is part of a building with both rental and owner-occupied homes. In that case, there may be people living there who have rented accommodation through vb&t as well as people who own their own home. In such a case, there is an Owners' Association (VvE). As a tenant, you are not a member of the VvE, but you do have to deal with it. In this article, you can read about what the Association does and what it means for you as a tenant.

What does a CoE do?

A VvE consists of all the owners of the dwellings in the building. The O.A. is responsible for the maintenance and management of the building, such as the cleaning of general areas, maintenance of the lift and daily maintenance. The costs are divided among the owners. In the general meeting of members (ALV), all owners decide each year how they will carry out the management and maintenance.

What does this mean for the tenants?

As a tenant you are not a member of the Owners' Association and you therefore do not contribute to the maintenance costs in the Owners' Association. However, as the owner, vb&t Verhuurmakelaars does charge part of the maintenance costs to its tenants as service costs.All tenants within the VvE must adhere to the same rules as the owners. These rules can be found in the house rules and the division deed. When you sign the lease with vb&t Verhuurmakelaars, you will receive these rules of living and use from us.Do you want to change anything in your home or do you have a request for repairs? Then vb&t Verhuurmakelaars is the contact point for you as a tenant. In some cases, you will need permission from the VvE to make changes. Repairs in the communal areas must also be reported to the VvE. In such cases, vb&t Verhuurmakelaars will discuss this with the VvE. As a tenant, you contact us and we will report the request to the Owners' Association.

Do you still have questions about renting in an Owners' Association after reading this article? Then please contact us!

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