Renting parking spaces and garages with vb&t Verhuurmakelaars

13 juni 2023

Renting a parking space from vb&t Rental Brokers has many advantages. With the rise of car-free cities, we see the traffic congestion from the city centre spreading to residential areas and the countryside. Households increasingly have multiple cars and travel further and further for work. To ensure that you can still continue to park near your home or work, you can rent parking spaces from vb&t Rental Brokers.

Parking spaces linked to housing

A parking space or garage tied to a rental property relieves the stress that safe parking in the neighbourhood can bring. It prevents parking violations and a lot of frustration. A large proportion of vb&t Rental Brokers' rental properties come with a parking space or garage tied to a rental property or complex. To qualify for these parking spaces or garages, you must therefore be a resident. These parking spaces are often included or optional with the rental property.

Are you curious whether a parking space is available at your current rental home? Then call 088-545 46 00. Our staff will be happy to check whether a parking space or garage is available!

Renting a parking space

Tired of the endless search for a parking space near your work? Do you need temporary storage for your car? Or do you simply want a parking space near your home? A loose parking space or garage can be the perfect solution to various problems.

Are you interested in renting a loose parking space? Look no further! Our user-friendly search function can show you all available single parking spaces in just one click. Visit our offer page and select "Parking space" under "Property type". Here you will immediately see our current offer of single parking spaces.

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Current offer

Don't waste any more time looking for a parking space and choose to rent a parking space or garage with vb&t Verhuurmakelaars. Here is a sample of our current offer.

Aartshertog Albertweg 1-G03, Eindhoven (RENTED)

  • Garage box situated at a convenient location in Eindhoven

Bergschot 332-G, Breda

  • Garage box located at a car-free residential area

Forum 3-PP, Utrecht

  • Parking space within walking distance of Castellum station

  • Protected by barrier

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