Smoke detectors on every floor mandatory in all dwellings from 1 July 2022

18 februari 2022

In rented and newly built houses, the obligation already applied for some time, but from 1 July 2022, all homes in the Netherlands must have a smoke detector. The purpose of the new rules is to reduce the number of deaths in house fires. What does this mean for you as a tenant in vb&t?

Smoke detectors on every floor

The smoke alarm requirement applies to every floor with a living or accommodation function. In rooming houses, such as student houses, each room must have a fire alarm.

Therefore, a junk attic does not have to be equipped with a smoke detector, but an attic with a hobby, laundry or bedroom does. In addition, the guideline of one smoke detector per floor is a minimum. For optimum safety, the presence of a smoke detector is recommended in all rooms where electronic equipment is present.

Requirements and consequences

Apart from CE marking and an EN 14604 certificate - or NEN 2555 for mains powered smoke detectors - there are no functional or quality requirements for smoke detectors. Do you own a property? Then you can decide whether to install a smart smoke detector (which, for example, can warn you via an app when the battery is low), or a cheaper model that only has the basic function of detecting smoke. The best smoke detector depends on your personal situation and wishes.

The consequences of not having a smoke alarm fitted after 1 July 2022 are still unknown. For the time being, most insurers are planning to pay out money to people who do not comply with the smoke alarm requirement, but it remains to be seen whether this will also be the case in future. It is likely that exclusions for this will be included in insurers' policy conditions over time.

What does this mean for you as a tenant with vb&t?

You do not have to do anything yourself. vb&t Vastgoedmanagement, on behalf of the building owners and investors, will ensure the installation of smoke detectors in all homes. This work is outsourced to carefully selected partners of vb&t.

In almost all cases, smoke detectors are fitted with a battery that has a 10-year life. This method means that no electrical cables need to be laid and the smoke detectors are glued in place wherever possible.

Update on smoke detectors

Many of our homes now comply with the amended laws and regulations because smoke detectors have been installed.

Do you rent from vb&t and have we not yet installed smoke detectors in your home? Due to a large shortage of materials and our dependence on external parties, it may take a little longer before you receive a response from us.

We are fully aware of the change in the law on 1 July 2022 and are doing everything we can to complete the installation of the smoke detectors as soon as possible.

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