Spring fever!

30 maart 2021

Spring fever! The clock has been set one hour forward again. The days are getting longer, the temperature is rising. Time to get your house and garden or balcony ready for spring!

In the home

Spring is a symbol of a new and fresh beginning. The ideal time for a big spring clean. Here are a few tips:
  • Clean all windows, window frames and air vents;
  • Check and clean the blinds;
  • Clean the waste bins;
  • Descale the tiles in the bathroom;
  • Descale the taps;
  • Degrease the tiles in the kitchen;
  • Defrost the freezer;
  • Degrease and clean the kitchen cupboards, doors and countertop;
  • Clean the cooker, fridge, oven and dishwasher (don't forget the inside);
  • Descale the kettle and coffee machine;
  • Clean the extractor hood and clean the filters and grilles;
  • Is your house all tidied up and clean? Time to dress it up. Choose nice spring colours and a beautiful spring bouquet.


In spring, everyone goes outside again. This means that your garden could use some sprucing up. Maintaining your garden will make it ready to enjoy again in the spring and summer months! Here are some tips for spring garden maintenance.


In spring, it is time to cut away the dead wood and side branches of perennials and trees. This is important for plants so they can grow in the spring and summer.


Make sure the trees do not cause any inconvenience. Prune the tree in time to prevent it from growing too tall. Do you want to buy a tree? Place the tree in a planter so that it can be easily removed when you leave the house.


To prevent acidification of the soil, it is important to clear away fallen leaves. Clearing the leaves makes the garden look presentable and tidy again.


Remove weeds and dry plants from the borders and tidy them up.


In spring (March/April), it is time to add compost/potting soil to plants. This ensures that the plants have enough nutrition to take root. Did you know that there is special fertilisation for spring? This fertiliser provides the plants with the right nutrients.


In winter, moss often forms between the grass and makes the grass look yellow. Start by removing the moss. Then it is time to tackle the grass: mow it, sow and fertilise the lawn.


Do you have a house where the garden borders on a back path? Make sure the back path looks neat by trimming the hedge in time and by removing weeds between the tiles of the back path.


The terrace and driveway have a lot to endure in winter. Due to the amount of water, low temperatures and little sunshine, moss and algae can form on the paving. Algae and moss can be removed with home and garden products or a high-pressure cleaner.

Good luck with the spring preparation of your house and garden!

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