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7 maart 2023

Have you been assigned a property? Congratulations! You may now start submitting your documents. But what documents do we need from you? And what if you have already handed in your documents before you have been assigned a property? In this article, we explain exactly what you need to know about submitting documents.


When should I submit my documents?

Documents really only need to be submitted when a rental property is allocated to you. We cannot use them before then. If you upload documents before you are allocated a property, you risk having to resubmit documents.


What documents does vb&t Letting Agents need from me?

What documents we need from you varies per personal situation. Which documents apply to your situation can be read on this page. To make the process easier, we only ask for documents relevant to your situation in your file.


Where can I upload my documents?

You can upload the necessary documents in your customer dossier, which can be found at the top right of the page via the "My dossier" button.  After you have logged in, you can upload your documents at the very bottom of the page under "My documents" and "Partner documents".

Upload your documents in PDF, PNG or JPG format with a maximum size of 32 Mb. If your document consists of several pages, you need to merge them into one PDF. Make sure your files are easy to read.


Why does vb&t Rental Brokers need these documents from me?

To protect you from overcharging, it is important for us to know whether you really qualify for the rental property you want. To do this, we need your personal and financial details. Our team will carry out a credit check.


Handy tips!

Before uploading your documents, it is useful to collect them in one folder on your computer. Also remember to protect your privacy by hiding your BSN number on all documents. Read more about how we handle your personal data and documents in our privacy statement.

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