Tips for finding a rental property

6 november 2019

Are you looking for a rental property? Then you want to find a home that suits you as quickly as possible. Whether you're moving house with someone else, studying or just want to live somewhere else: finding a rental property can be difficult. In this article we will give you a number of tips to help you search for a rental property that suits you!

1) Maximum rental priceBefore

you start your search for a rental property, it is important to determine what you are looking for. What is the maximum price for a rental property? With your income, are you eligible for social housing or are you looking for a house in the free sector? To rent in the free sector, you often have to have a minimum income. Also bear in mind that your rent is not the only expense. You also have the costs for gas, water, electricity and internet. So find out in advance exactly in what price range you can look for a rental property.

2) What are your wishes?

Once you have determined the maximum rental price, you can start thinking about what exactly you are looking for. How long are you planning to live there and what wishes and requirements do you have for the property? Are there certain places you do not want to live and do you want a garden or balcony? The more precise your wishes and requirements are, the more specifically you can start looking for a property. But this also means that the search will be more difficult with a long list of demands. Therefore, divide your list into priority requirements and requirements that you can possibly compromise on.

3) Register and respond quicklyTime

to really start looking for a place to rent! Register with vb&t rental brokers and real estate agents. You will automatically be informed of the current rental offer as soon as there is a flat that matches your wishes. This way you can quickly act when you are interested.

4) Expand your search areaIn

the current rental market there is not enough supply for the number of people looking for a rental home. Especially if you are looking for a rental property in the city, it can be difficult. Therefore, broaden your view to surrounding towns. This way, you will have a better chance of finding a suitable rental property. An additional advantage is that the rental prices are often lower than in the city.

5) Make use of your social networkYou

only need to get that one golden tip from a colleague's friend to find a suitable home. Therefore, place a call on social media and ask people to share it with you. There is always someone who knows something through the grapevine. The more people that keep their eyes and ears open, the better!

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