Tips for getting your home ready to move in

25 augustus 2020

Have you found a rental property and are you moving soon? Congratulations! Now a new fun phase begins: decorating your new home entirely according to your taste. Not sure where to start? We have listed a number of important things.

Big clean-up

When you move into a new house, you want it to feel like your new home as soon as possible. You don't need clutter, dust and dirt left behind by the previous occupant. So start with a big clean! Clean all the rooms one by one with a duster, wet cloth, hoover and mop. Then everything will be nice and clean and ready for a new decoration.

Divide the space

How are you going to divide the rooms and where are you going to put your furniture? Maybe during the viewing you have already secretly thought about how you are going to decorate the room, but if you haven't done this yet, first think carefully about what furniture you have and where you could put it. This will probably involve some fitting and measuring, so don't forget your tape measure!

Lighting plan

Lighting is both a practical and mood-enhancing part of interior design. Not every area of the home needs the same kind of lighting. So make a plan of all the rooms and indicate where you need practical light and/or accentuating light. Take the connection points into account. In existing houses, the connection points for lamps are already fixed so you will have to work with them. The next step is to decide what type of lamp you want and where. Start by choosing practical lighting and then move on to mood lighting.

Choosing paint colours

Are you going to paint the walls in your new home? This is a job where making choices can be tricky, but it doesn't have to be difficult at all. First decide whether you want warm or cold colours. It is important to remember that the colour of your walls affects the 'temperature' of the room. In your living room or bedroom you want to relax, so here you will opt for calm, warm colours, while in the kitchen you will opt for cooler colours. Of course, it is also important which colours match the furniture and what the incidence of light is in the room.

Help with decorating

Can't quite manage to make your home move-in-ready? Don't be afraid to ask for help! Ask your friends or family to help you make choices. Or download an app that helps you visualise rooms or test colours on the wall. That way you can make your new home your very own!

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