What should you pay attention to when viewing a rental property?

18 november 2019

You have found a nice rental home and now you can come by for a viewing! This is an exciting moment, and you may already be dreaming of your potential new home. But it is important that you try to look critically at the pros and cons of the rental property. What should you pay attention to during the viewing and how you can get the most out of it? In this article we give you some tips.

Draw up a questionnaire in advanceProbably

you still have some questions for the current tenant or estate agent about the rental property. To prevent you from forgetting something important, it's best to write these questions down. During the visit, you gain a lot of impressions and, in your enthusiasm, you can forget your critical questions. For example: where is the sun, how does parking work, what equipment is there in the kitchen, what are the neighbours like, and can you make your own adjustments to the house?

To what extent does the house meet your requirements?

During the visit, try not to look through rose-coloured glasses only. Every property has its pros and cons, including this one. When searching for suitable rental properties, you have selected a number of conditions, so during the viewing try to find out to what extent this property fulfils these. Of course, a property cannot meet all your living requirements, so be realistic.


your search for a rental property, you have probably taken the location of the property into account to some extent. Nevertheless, it is advisable to take a tour of the area around the house before or after the viewing to get a better impression. For example, are there enough facilities nearby and do you not live on a street that is too busy?

Check the requirementsThe

advertisement of the rental property usually already mentions conditions that you need to meet in order to rent the property. Such as an income requirement. During the visit, you have the opportunity to check with the estate agent whether there are any other conditions and to what extent they are negotiable.

Are there any defects to be discovered?

If there are any defects or damage to be found in the rented property, it is important that these are resolved and recorded in the inspection report. This way, you cannot be held liable afterwards for damage you did not cause. You can also check what to do if there are any defects during the inspection. That way, you know in advance where you stand.

Does the house suit you and your future?

The house you are viewing now will probably suit your living requirements for now. But will the house still suit you in a few years' time? Perhaps you will be thinking about extending your family or you simply want more space. It is possible that your living wishes will change in the future. So consider carefully whether this house is a good fit for you, or whether you will want to move again by then.

Take photosDuring

a viewing, you will be confronted with a lot and receive a lot of information. Later, when you're back home on the couch, it can be difficult to remember the house exactly. Therefore, take some notes and photos so that you can look back at them later on. Is the property still occupied? Are you looking for a rental property? Then take a look at our offer!

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