When do you have to pay agency fees when you are renting?

29 juli 2020

Usually, you do not have to pay mediation fees. However, there are still rental properties for which mediation costs are charged. This is not always the case. Read in this article what mediation costs are and when you do have to pay them.

What is mediation?

Many landlords use estate agents to rent out their properties. The estate agent puts the residence on a website and looks for a new tenant. The estate agent takes care of such things as providing information, viewings and the tenancy agreement. He or she is then a mediator between the landlord and (potential) tenant.

What does the law say about mediation costs?

Since 2015, there are clear rules about mediation costs. When an estate agent acts as a mediator between a landlord and tenant on behalf of a landlord, the law states that the agent may not charge any mediation costs to the private tenant. This has to do with the danger of a conflict of interests between the landlord and the tenant (Article 7:417 paragraph 1 of the Civil Code "BW").

What is the difference between mediation costs and registration costs?

Some mediators still wrongfully charge mediation costs to the tenant. Research by the Dutch Consumers' Association shows that other terms are sometimes used, such as 'registration fee'. It does not matter what you call these costs; charging the tenant for mediating between a landlord and tenant is not allowed. So pay attention and ask exactly what the costs are for.

When do you have to pay mediation fees?

If you, as a tenant, instruct an intermediary to search for a residence or to negotiate about a residence that the intermediary is not offering on behalf of the landlord, then he or she may charge costs for this. The intermediary does not work for the landlord, but only for you as tenant. This way, the interests of the tenant and landlord cannot become entangled.

Does vb&t Verhuurmakelaars charge a brokerage fee?

No. The homes you see on our website are offered on behalf of various landlords. This means that we act as a mediator between landlord and (potential) tenant. We do not charge the tenant any mediation costs.

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