Housing permit The Hague 2021

3 februari 2021

Housing permit The Hague 2021: When renting a house in The Hague, in some cases you will need a housing permit. From 1 January 2021 a number of changes will be implemented. In this article we tell you more about the housing permit, when you need it and what has changed in 2021.

What is a housing permit?

A municipality can designate rental properties for which a housing permit must be applied for. Without being in possession of a housing permit, it is not possible to rent the house. The purpose of this regulation is to improve the distribution of rental houses with a lower rent. A number of municipalities in the Netherlands work with a Housing Permit, including The Hague. The Housing Permit will be introduced in The Hague in July 2019. You can read more about this in this article.

When do you need a permit in The Hague?

If you plan to rent a house in The Hague which meets certain conditions, you will need to apply for a housing permit.A permit is needed for an independent dwelling:
  • which has 185 points or less. The rental price is not important here
  • with a rent of € 975,92 or lower (amount from 1 July 2020). Even if the property has more than 185 points.
You do not need a housing permit if you are renting a residence with a rent price above € 975.92 per month and with more than 185 points.

185 points?

A residence is awarded points based on the facilities present in the residence. Aspects that are taken into consideration include the surface area of the residence and the sanitary facilities present. The number of points can be requested from the landlord.

What will change in 2021?

With effect from 1 January 2021, there have been a number of changes to the housing permit in The Hague. For example, the liberalisation threshold has been adjusted to € 752.33. This means that a house up to this amount is considered a social rental house. A dwelling with a rent above this amount falls into the free sector. The income limits for obtaining a permit have also been adjusted since the beginning of this year. The new income limits are listed below:

Income limits

Whether you are eligible for a rental house depends on your income in relation to the rental price and the number of points of the house.

  • For a residence with a rental price up to € 752.33
You are entitled to a housing permit if you have an annual taxable income of up to €48,300.

  • For a residence with a rent between € 752.33 and € 975.92 per month OR a residence with a rent above € 752.33, but with 185 points or less.
You are entitled to the housing permit if you meet the following income limits:
  • For a household consisting of one person: the taxable annual income may not exceed € 60,036.
  • In the case of a household consisting of two or more people: the taxable annual income may not exceed € 70,036 per year.


The costs for the application of the housing permit are €47,15 in 2021.

A number of additional conditions apply when applying for a permit. Read more on the site of the Municipality of The Hague. A test on the site of the Municipality of The Hague can easily be used to determine whether you need and are eligible for a permit. Click here for more information.

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