Renting in 2022: what does the new Housing Act mean for you?

9 februari 2022

A new year means new laws and regulations. What does this mean for you as a tenant or house hunter? We list the three most important changes for you.

The rent freeze stops. The annual rent increases per 1 July 2022

The rent increased every year. But because of the corona crisis, the government made a special arrangement that kept the rent unchanged in 2021. This so-called rent freeze will end in 2022. For you, this means that the rent will probably be raised again this year. It is not known what the rent increase will be on 1 July 2022.

Liberalisation threshold rises in the free sector

Tenants in the free sector are not entitled to a rent allowance. In 2021, the liberalisation threshold was at a basic rent of €752.33 per month. From 2022, a house from €763.47 falls within the free sector. Above this amount, you will not receive a rent allowance. This only applies to new tenancy agreements.

Faster construction through relaxed rules for new buildings

The new Housing Act will also focus on simplifying the rules. The government hopes that this will speed up construction procedures and reduce imbalances in the housing market. This year, vb&t is delivering many newbuild homes for rent. Keep an eye on our website and social media.

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