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Only when a residence is assigned to you by vb&t Verhuurmakelaars do you need to upload documents to your customer dossier.

Click here for an overview of the documents we need if you want to rent from us.

To be eligible for a residence, once a residence has been allocated to you, we will ask you to upload data to your personal online dossier (My Dossier). To make it easier for you, we will only ask for the documents that apply to your situation in your personal dossier. We recommend that you first prepare all documents on your computer as separate files.

An important tip concerning your privacy: remove your BSN number from all documents (payslips, annual statements, tax returns, etc.).

We only request documents that apply to your work, income and living situation. You can only upload PDF, PNG and JPG files, with a maximum size of 32 MB. Make sure you upload clear and readable files. If a document consists of several pages, please combine them into one PDF file.

Are you renting with your partner? Then upload the documents of your co-tenant in the appropriate document list.

If you have any questions about the privacy of your data, please read the privacy statement on our website carefully.

In order to check whether you meet the income requirement, we need your personal and financial details. These documents will be used by the rental team to carry out a credit check. A fixed, regular income and a good payment history are important. Our check follows the guidelines of NIBUD.

If your documents have not yet been reviewed by one of our employees, it is possible to remove them again. Once your documents have been reviewed and accepted this is no longer possible.

  • Tenant; your documents will be kept by us for another 9 months for the file and then they will be destroyed by the system.

  • Other; if you are inactive for 6 months, i.e. you do not use your login anymore, you will be AUTOMATICALLY removed from our database, you will always receive an e-mail first.

Personal data is carefully processed and secured by us. Would you like to know more? Then read our privacy statement on this website.

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