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We are prepared to arrange viewings via Skype/Whatsapp video etc. This can be arranged with the relevant rental agent and/or the current tenant.

However, we find it necessary that the house has been visited at least once before you sign the lease. This is to prevent uncertainty about the state of the house upon delivery. If this is not possible, we request that you consult with the rental officer.

During your contacts with vb&t, situations may arise about which you are dissatisfied. vb&t would like to discuss these situations together and look for a solution. We think your opinion about our services is important, so if you have a complaint we would like to take the opportunity to make you a satisfied customer (again)! Your complaint gives us a chance to do better next time. So please contact us.

T: 040 - 269 69 19

If pets are not allowed in the property, this will be stated in the advertisement. In most cases, however, it is allowed to own a small pet, provided it does not cause a nuisance.

In some cases, this is possible.
If you know someone who would like to take over your rental property, you can introduce this person/these persons to us. If possible, we will give priority to this candidate-tenant. Vb&t and/or the owner can always give another candidate-tenant first preference for renting the residence for compelling reasons.

The rental department will assess whether this candidate could be eligible for the residence.
This candidate must meet the income requirements that are set for all candidate tenants.

The rent of the house will always be adjusted to a market price, so it may be that the candidate gets a different rent than you as a tenant currently pay.

If you have already sent the notice, you can contact the rental department.
They can then see what they can still do for this candidate.

You do not have to pay any registration fee and there are no mediation costs.

At vb&t Rental Brokers we work hard to treat everyone equally. We might have to differentiate on financial circumstances and age (senior housing, for example), we will never disadvantage customers because of their identity. We believe everyone has the right to housing, regardless of ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender or health status.

Our customers are matched to properties by an automatic system. This prevents our staff from discriminating in the rental process. We also do not cooperate with the request to discriminate from any clients.

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