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Completion of house

No, this is unfortunately not possible. As soon as you have given notice to terminate the tenancy, we will schedule a preliminary and final inspection. During the preliminary inspection the home inspector will indicate what you still need to change before you leave the house. This will be checked during the final inspection.

Click here if you would like to know in advance what you need to take into account for a correct delivery of the house.

When you move out, you must return the house to us empty, clean and without damage. A vb&t home inspector will therefore visit your house twice to inspect it with you.

During the first inspection you and one of our inspectors will walk through the house. The inspector will look at whether there are any matters that you need to remove and/or repair before the end of the rental period. This inspection takes between 45 minutes and an hour. The inspector will make a report of the inspection, of which you will receive a copy.

Final inspection
At the second inspection our employee checks the house again. Is the house empty and clean? Have the repairs and adjustments been made? If the house is still not in order, we will still arrange this, unfortunately at your expense. After the final inspection we will also ask for the keys to the residence to be returned.

Yes, you can. You must then give this substitute an authorisation form. Do not forget to put your name, the observer's name, the date and the signatures of both of you in the authorisation.

The caretaker will give the authorisation to the inspector during the inspection. He or she must also show proof of identity (ID/driving licence).

Yes, a pre-inspection is always necessary when giving notice to let. The inspector goes through the house with you and tells you what still needs to be done, before the final inspection takes place. We also do this to prevent unpleasant situations during the final inspection. You cannot cancel the preliminary inspection.

You can postpone this first inspection in special cases. Please contact your home inspector about this.

Final inspection
Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the appointment for the final inspection. You can, however, have someone else take over the appointment. You will need to give this person an authorisation form. Do not forget to put your name, the name of the substitute, the date and the signatures of both of you on the authorisation form. The observer gives the authorisation to the inspector. He or she must also provide identification (ID/driving licence).

Structural walls (e.g. decorative plaster) must be delivered smooth and ready for wallpapering (holes must be sealed) OR painted in an opaque white colour. This also applies to the ceilings.

At the end of the last month's rent, the house must be left completely cleared, undamaged and clean.
For specific information click here.

When a dwelling is not subsequently let, it must be vacated. In exceptional cases, some floors may be left behind, but this will always be assessed by the home inspector.

If we find a tenant before you leave the property and this new tenant wants to take over your floor, then of course you can leave the floor behind.

Carpeting is considered unhygienic and must be removed including glue residue when vacant, this also applies to half-moons on the steps.

The wheelie bins must be left empty and cleaned for the hygiene of new tenants and for possible vermin.

Shrubs and trees should be neatly trimmed, the grass mowed and weeds removed.

Yes, when your new home is delivered to you, you will need to identify yourself with your passport/ID/residence permit.
A driving licence is not allowed.

During the delivery vb&t Verhuurmakelaars use the app 'CheckedID' to check your proof of identity.

  • Vb&t Verhuurmakelaars is the data controller and has a legitimate interest in knowing the identity of tenants. JanusID has been engaged as processor to support this process quickly, reliably and in accordance with the AVG and other laws and regulations for them.

  • Vb&t Verhuurmakelaars is not admitted to the parties who are allowed to process the BSN. Therefore, it will not be provided to them as a result of a CheckedID transaction. On the image of a passport, the part where the BSN is mentioned is "taped off" and with an ID card only the front is provided. The BSN itself, as a number, is not provided to them either.

  • The CheckedID process is completely closed and secured, so that no infringement of the data is possible. After completion of the process on the smartphone, all data related to the verification is deleted. The data is sent via a secure connection to the person responsible, in this case vb&t. When the responsible party has completed the verification and processed it in its own administration, all personal data at CheckedID is deleted. This takes place after 7 days.

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