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24 januari 2023

Finding a rental property easily; It seems too good to be true. Yet at vb&t, all you have to do is fill in your basic details, after which you can start your search for a new rental property. Is your dream home among them? Respond with ease on our website!



Finding a rental property

Finding a rental property has never been easier! Sign up at vb&t Rental Agents with just your personal details and get started right away. On the website you will find our actual offer of rental properties. Once you have filled in your search profile, you will also receive an e-mail when a relevant rental property is posted on our website. Do you see your dream property? Then respond immediately via the blue "respond" button.


Assignment of rental properties

You have responded to a rental property. Our systems match the perfect candidates to the property. Read about our allocation criteria to find out when you are the perfect candidate for a rental property.


Easy viewing

Do you appear to be the perfect candidate for a rental property? Then we will invite you and possibly other candidates to view the property. A viewing in a vacant rental property and in an occupied property look slightly different, but both can be scheduled with ease at vb&t Rental Brokers.


Upload & check documents

Thanks to our user-friendly system, you can easily upload the necessary documents into your file when you are assigned the rental property. On the "Documents" webpage you will find which documents we need from you. Is everything submitted correctly? Then you can sign your rental agreement online with ease!


Report malfunctions

You may encounter malfunctions or defects during your tenancy with vb&t Rental Brokers. In that case, you can easily report a malfunction or breakdown to our 24-hour service desk.


Delivering a rental property with ease

Have you found a new dream home and are you going to leave your current rental property from vb&t Rental Brokers? On our website you can read how to hand over your rental property when you leave. The property will be visited twice by our property inspectors; once for the pre-inspection where you will be told what repairs or cleaning activities need to be carried out and once at the end of your tenancy to finalise everything with ease.


Hire with ease at vb&t

A rental property in Eindhoven or a rental property in Amsterdam? At vb&t Rental Agents we have properties available throughout the Netherlands. With a housing stock of 15,000 properties, vb&t Rental brokers is one of the largest Rental specialists in the Netherlands. We have 55 years of experience in letting and managing homes.


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The rental specialist in the Netherlands

With a housing stock of 15,000 homes, vb&t Verhuurmakelaars is one of the largest rental specialists in the Netherlands. We have 55 years of experience in renting and managing homes.

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